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Still looking for the WI-FI router? Best deal of the WI-FI? Or whether should I buy their local SIM card for data? 还在想着到底要购买什么样的网络配套吗?日本现有免费14天的无线网络哦!而且使用方面简易,只需要一本护照和一台智能手机就行咯!

Well, if you are traveling less than 14 days in Japan and just purely traveling not doing any others works like required high volume of data, why not consider this FREE WI-FI in Japan!?



While I'm doing my research for my Japan Trip and I found this!

Japan FREE 14 Days WI-FI ! I believe it would be useful for whoever wanted to travel to Japan :)

"Visitors to Japan can use NTT East Free Wi-Fi for up to 14 days, completely free of charge, on presentation of your passport.

The service is available in a wide range of areas inside and outside Tokyo, including: Tokyo, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, Yokohama, Nagano, Nikko, Kusatsu, Tohoku, Hokkaido, and lots more!

You can enjoy free W-Fi in half of Japan through just one ID!" 

This is a great news ever isn't it!? For people who are traveling there just for a trip, it would be definitely useful!

So how can we enjoy it? It's pretty simple. Please get ready for your PASSPORT & SMARTPHONE!

只要获取了FREE WI-FI卡(卡上会注明ID和密码)然后再连接上并且输入ID和密码就可以使用咯!


Get a free Wi-Fi card just by presenting your passport!



Look for this logo, enter the ID and password and everything are ready!



Enjoy free Wi-Fi service for 14 days (336 hours)!


We can basically connect it through the website or the app :)

也可以下载FREE WI-FI的专属应用程序哦~

Connection to 0000FLETS-PORTAL
App name: Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

After getting your FREE WI-FI card, there is basically information about your ID & Password.

For more details on how it goes with, please click HERE. (More details with step-by-step)

How can I get free Wi-Fi ID and password?

There are two options for getting a Wi-Fi ID, "before" or "after "arriving in Japan, so you can conveniently use whichever suits the timing of your trip.
Even if you obtain the ID "before" arriving in Japan and obtain the ID again "after", the service is still available.
Make more use of the free wireless Internet in Japan!

● Before your visit

Download the free app "NAVITIME for Japan Travel" to your smartphone and get free Wi-Fi ID and password from the app.

free wifi japan navitime for japan travel "NAVITIME for Japan Travel" app, provided by NAVITIME JAPAN,
will allow you to do the following for free:
  • Issuing free Wi-Fi ID and password
    * This is limited to residents outside of Japan who was not issued ID and password in the last 90 days.
  • Search for free Wi-Fi hotspots via AR technology
    (This can be done offline).

Download the app below.

free wifi japan ntt iphone app
Android: Google play
free wifi japan ntt android app
iPhone: App store

More of FREE WI-FI details:-

FAQ of the FREE WI-FI, please click HERE

FREE WI-FI coverage area list, please click HERE

Japan FREE WI-FI Website

Resources & pictures are taken from Japan FREE WI-FI website.

Lastly, enjoy your Japan trip! Yayy!

Feel free to share with me about your FREE WI-FI experience in Japan too!


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