4 Aspects That Medical Students Need to Keep in Mind in their First year of Study

4 Aspects That Medical Students Need to Keep in Mind in their First year of Study

Mar 28, 2018, 7:30:19 AM Business

Students around the world fear the new year of every academic year. There are many ways in which it is quite ironic as they face it every year but still experience the Goosebumps nonetheless. This is all but natural as there is slight fear we all experience at the start of anything new. For students going for a professional degree like medical and engineering, the fear factor can be slightly high as the pressure of passing out with flying colors can make even a topper somewhat nervous.

There can be many ways in which a student can make sure he is on top of his game in tackling any pressure or issue right from the start of each academic year. But the very first day of a medical school, for example, can be really intimidating. This will happen to you even if you are studying in any of top caribbean medical schools or a medical school in US/Canada.

Let me jot down 5 of the important steps in which you can easily make the most of your starting your medical school with aplomb and leave behind any fear whatsoever.

  1. Taking Notes during the Lecture

This is perhaps the best practice that you can apply right from the start. While taking lectures with full attention is a vital aspect of any type of study, for medicine it can be the deciding factor about how much you can grasp and apply it in the real world. There is no particular way that can be recommended for a medical student of taking notes in a lecture. A video recording can be beneficial as it can offer you everything from the lecture that you can watch later.

  1. Don’t think of other Students as Superior to you

Don’t get an impression from the above heading that you must think of everyone else in you class or batch as inferior to you in terms of studies. But it can happen that you may think of many students who can grasp things pretty quickly than others as superior to you. Please note that it is just the beginning of the semester and there is no way you will leave behind in studies or lose the position. Just keep the focus on the lecture and instructions from the instructor and you will succeed verily.

  1. Arrive in the Morning with Full Determination

Keeping a smile on your face while you come for a morning lecture isn’t a bad thing. A student need to be fully determined right from the start of the studies showing no sign of anxiety or any fear whatsoever. See the faces of all your fellow students and you will get positive vibes. Don’t ever think of taking a shortcut or bunking a class for any reason. Your determination will take you places while a pessimist approach will be enough to relegate you to the back seat not just in the lecture hall but in the overall studies too.

  1. Don’t be Shy of Asking for Help

Another way to remain positive and look to build a positive rapport. Don’t ever by shy of asking questions about anything you don’t understand. Even it is a silly question or making your instructor repeat what he just told you, please don’t be shy at all. If you will overcome this fear, you will succeed as only those students make it to the top who know the basic of each aspect of their studies. So ask anything from your professor/teacher/instructor and this will help you in making sure you are on top of your game.

Final Word

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