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Behind an excellent logo design are heaps of creativity, planning and endless hours of design. The key is to establish brand loyalty and engagement with the audience using the logo to make the brand successful. In order to create a rememberable and strong brand identity, an eye-catching logo must be created that narrates the brand story. The primary objective behind the creation of an excellent logo for branding is to help customers recognize your brand name and be able to recall it in a blink.

A customer is likely to opt for a company which he/she recognizes well and has formed an association with. There are a number of design elements that come to play when you are designing your brand's logo. After all, your logo is more than just a pictorial representation. It’s who you are. Let’s have a look at 7 workable tips you must consider when creating a perfect logo design for a strong brand identity:

  1. The logo must reflect your brand perfectly

When it comes to designing a meaningful logo for your brand, try not drifting very far into a creative world where you lose your brand essence. While it is necessary to be unique, try to keep the logo reflective of what you do and your brand story. The logo must be compelling enough to grasp attention and be remembered alongside displaying the crux of the brand.

  1. Choose colors wisely

While it is a good idea to choose bright colors, the choice of colors must depend upon the nature of your business. Colors represent emotions and choosing the right color is important to suit the feelings and influence buyer intention. Below mentioned are some of the rainbow colors with their associated emotions:

Black- depicts power and mystery.

White- shows harmony, peace, and hope.

Yellow- Attention grabber color used for showing caution

Red- depicts romance and energy

Orange- shows innovation, creativity, and imagination.

Gray- the epitome of stability and security.

Green- associated with life, freshness, and growth

Blue- confidence, and integrity.

  1. Using your brand name as your logo

Some of the renowned logos are the ones with simply the brand name in a fancy font. For example, Coca-Cola. The key is to create a unique brand name and use a bold typeface as a logo.

  1. Simplistic logos are just as effective

The world loves minimalism now. When it comes to a logo, you can get creative and start playing around with some excellent ideas. However, simple logos are very effective too provided they are created using the right colors, graphics, and meaning.

  1. Logo branding is not an overnight game

Association of your logo with the brand, albeit important, is not built overnight. It is a constant process to associate your brand name and logo together until your brand is recognized by the logo itself.

  1. Hidden meaning within the design

All the exciting logos all across the world have a hidden meaning within their design. Although not necessary, having a hidden meaning will help your logo become recognizable and relatable.

  1. Taking the audience input

An effective way to create a memorable logo is to simply gather your audience’s opinion about the logo. This has simplified now because of social media where you can upload some of the logo designs and let your audience decide the best one suiting your business. 

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