How to Improve our Education System?

The world right now has entered into the era of communication. It means our world has moved up higher from industrialization to technology to communication. And communication demands different knowledge and skills that’s why we need to change our system. Because children lack those skills and we can see the lacking by the presence of writing services like dissertation help UK.

We can change our system by following methods:

Informality in Classroom:

To appear and look well groomed requires confidence and that confidence comes when there is no fear. That’s why we need to change the formal bonding and relation of student and teacher into an informal bonding between them who teach each other in different ways.

Let the Ground to be a Teacher:

The era of technology has brought the concept of customization and personalization so much that today each and everyone is very different from each other. That’s why we need a place to teach them important lessons but quietly. That’s why we need to engage them and let them in activities in order to teach them.For example, why don’t we teach them laws of physics through cricket match or chemistry and laws of heat by involving them in cooking and baking.

Free to Learn by Themselves:

Today we all are customized and personalized and phones play major role in it.Today we all have access to certain kind of information which we like. So why don’t our education systems cultivate that particular interest in that particular student? Suppose a student likes to read the poems John Keats so why don’t our school system turn him to a writer or a poet?

Let the Problem Solvers and Controllers Rule the World:

It was a time when the world needed human beings who can work 17 hours long under the command of a supervisor but now that time is gone. Today we have robots for it. Now, the globe needs controllers who can control those robots. Now, we need problem solvers or environmentalists who can make the world a better place to live. And school can raise such people when they let the creativity to enter and spread in the classroom. Because it is the creativity that glues their eyes at ripples and widen their ears to listen a video about black holes.Instead of conventional learning, there is need of friendly relations between teacher and students who sit together and discuss different topics like pollution, harassment, space and many others and try to find solutions of it.Like they can make any technological device to clean the water.This activity will not only Polish their communication skills but also make them creative and broaden their minds.Above all, making them to think the solution by themselves make them thinker along with speaker.

Bring the Phones to the Classroom:

We, human beings, now learn a lot through phones and gadgets. That’s why they should be allowed to bring and have access while learning because now we need informality in our system where students learn through discussing and dialogues.Today the world cannot afford confused and nervous humans who get frighten easily before blurring out a single word. And to turn their confused personalities into confident one, we need to make our classroom a platform where they can speak up their ideas and thoughts and work on it either alone or together and vanish their fear of public speaking and fear of communication.

The world is diplomatic and diplomacy is the skill

  1. that require speaking
  2. That require self awareness, and

So teach them speaking skill and change our system.

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