Increase AdSense Revenue in 2019

Increase AdSense Revenue in 2019

Jan 1, 2019, 8:18:50 PM Tech and Science

Google AdSense leads the ad publishing domain. It has captured an estimated 33% of the market share and the value of AdSense cannot be argued with. To get on board with AdSense can get a bit tricky but don’t worry with our guide you can have an increase in your revenues by employing AdSense.

1.     Avoid the AdSense Responsive Ad Unit

The responsive unit is an attractive venture and due to its ease of use, it is quite popular. However, this comes at a small inconvenience in terms of revenue loss but it is imperative that you employ a customized version of this ad unit and thus, for all different screen sizes it should act accordingly which the website has been designed for.

2.     Consider hiring an AdSense optimization specialist

This option is always available because AdSense optimization calls for expertise and you think you cannot handle this domain, it is always advisable to hire an optimization specialist. There is a huge influx of companies on AdSense Partners as of late and you can give it a go for seeking a suitable specialist.

They can certainly do a better job but yes you will have to share with them 10% of your revenues made as a result of working with the optimization partner.

3.     Increase your organic rankings and traffic

The quality of traffic is from organic search results. It shows that the visitor has a strong desire to consume the content he is seeking. And by way of capitalizing on this desire, advertisers can gain the upper by targeting relevant ads during this exercise.

Website owners tend to defy the importance of SEO and think that merely social media is enough to get them the revenue through AdSense whereas if they couple it with SEO they can multiply their income earned through AdSense campaign.

4.     Leverage Anti Ad-Blocker Solutions to increase AdSense revenue

There is still a raging debate on ad blocking. There are certain laws and laws vary from country to country. The argument in for and against are both decent. Those in favor say, that from a user’s perspective who is responsible for blocking the ad – they have every right to whether or not allow a certain ad to show on their screens. get IPad rental from one world rental.

Those in against contests that since the owner of the website has spent a fortune in the development of the website, and subsequently earning the rights to running ads on it so he can make money – there shouldn’t be an option for the user to block or allow ads, they should just run.

What to do? You would have seen by now that the arguments are strong on both sides. The solution lies in identifying the Ad Block service and by way of this you will know that an ad-blocking service is active with this user. The solution is to deny access to the content of your website to that user unless the ad blocker is deactivated by him. And that’s only fair.

If the user wishes to view the content, he will have to be willing to view the ad. This way he gets access to content and the owner is rewarded in terms of income/revenue stream. According to IPad hire, an owner can miss out on up to 30% in revenue to such ad blocking scripts.

5.     Occasionally Rotate Your Placements

It is a fact that AdSense RPM reduces over time and is often referred to as ‘Banner Blindness’. So no matter how diligently you have designed the tests, it will only result in the realization of small-term goals.

The best to navigate past this banner blindness is by rotating your banner placement during a given for a couple of times. Point being, the rotation will yield relatively higher revenue results than static banner placements.

You can also experiment by changing the skin of your website, occasionally. This way your visitors will not get bored of the website’s layout and will always be in for a surprise. This will entail visibility to your advertisements instead of visitors merely focusing on the content. Consequently, AdSense ads will be noticed more and contribute to a sufficient amount of revenue.

6.     Pay Attention to Colors in Text Ads

It is also crucial that when you are playing with AdSense ads you should pay attention to the text theme of your advertisements. People often overlook the themes bit and carry on with their ads on the website. And this again is a result of banner blindness.

So play around with text ad colors on your website and this alteration of the theme will definitely increase the likelihood of for the visitors to click on them.

7.     Plan high CPC keywords on AdWords Keyword Tool

By employing the AdWords Keyword Tool, you can actually view what the advertisers are willing to pay for certain keywords out there. It does not matter if your website is about a specific niche, the niche keywords are compensated at an even higher rate.

For instance, if keyword ‘cars’ is input into the tool and sorted via highest CPC, and you choose to write an article on the concept of cars you can expect an earning up to 60% of the CPC for a contextual ad through AdSense. This is a surefire way of increasing revenue through AdSense. Similarly, if the article is about the movie ‘Cars’ then the earning could be some $0.05 CPC.

8.     Use the Built-In AdSense Experiment Tool

With AdSense, you have a great tool to test the basic changes to your ad units. It has been observed that websites which are AdSense ads are experiencing some 20% increase in their overall revenue structure (the study was carried out over a period of 6 months).

The experiment employed certain number varying text ads, text ads plus banners and banners alone as well. The results showed that the mere text ads significantly contributed to the increase in revenues than other combinations of text ads and banners.

Taylor Watson is part of a Custom Upholstery Design firm. She is an experienced content marketer and strategy planner. 

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