Isa Battaglin, Owner of LillyK Photography, Shares How to Look Terrific in Every Photo

Isa Battaglin, Owner of LillyK Photography, Shares How to Look Terrific in Every Photo

Jan 27, 2019, 8:00:32 PM Entertainment

You can't escape having your picture taken. Photographs are required for online bios, dating websites, and many special occasions like weddings and parties. Even if you don't succumb to the selfie fetish of most of your fellow humans, trigger-happy snappers will click their lenses in your direction. You might as well make sure you look terrific in every shot; read on to discover the tips and tricks of master photographer Isa Battaglin of LillyK Photography.

1. Don't thrust your chin out.

Refrain from tilting your head forward. You may imagine doing so will hide a double chin, but it alludes to not having a neck. If your neck is visible, your face is less likely to appear chubby.

Plus, you'll look elegant if your head doesn't seem to grow straight out of your upper chest. Hold your head high, without turning your chin upward and your neck will be visible.

2. Avoid crossing your arms.

Your figure looks indistinct when you cross your arms, plus, you display negative body language associated with displeasure, and you don't want to appear moody in photos.

Turn your body to the side and uncross your arms before shots are taken. As a result, your figure will have definition, and you will appear willowy as opposed to dumpy and miserable.

3. Choose angles with care.

Whether you're sitting or standing, photos taken straight on will be less flattering than those taken at an angle. Face the camera when posing--with your torso turned three-quarters toward the lens--but twist your lower body a little to the side. Also, your legs will appear longer when you're seated if you place one in front of the other.

4. Straighten up.

Slouch when sitting and your waist will look big. Instead, pull your shoulder blades closer together, straighten your spine, and bend backward at the waist for a slender appearance. Also, turn your body to the side and face the camera.

5. Choose clothes that flatter.

You have to improvise a lot to counteract unflattering clothing that creates width. Select slimming clothes that show off your body shape instead of using them to hide your figure. Baggy clothing doesn't improve your appearance; it adds weight. Choose tailored clothes that don't cling for a becoming snap.

6. Use your arms.

Some people insist they aren't photogenic and snaps of them are unattractive. They don't appear less than camera-friendly due to poor looks though. The problem stems from adopting an unnatural, stiff-looking pose.

Keep your arms away from your sides, and you'll appear more relaxed. Plus, doing so will stop your figure looking flat and dull. Hold one hand on your hips. Alternatively, raise your arms or use them to create angles in other ways that highlight your best features.

7. Straight on sitting shoot? Use the hourglass shape.

Use an hourglass body shape if you're required to sit facing the camera for a photo shoot. Bear in mind short-legged sitters need a low chair to create an hourglass shape with their figure. Otherwise, they hunch forward unattractively.

Ensure your feet touch the floor when seated and cross your legs. Next, place both elbows on your knee, one in front of the other. Cradle your chin with the hand of the front arm while letting the other arm hang over your leg to the side. If your back curves, place a stool under the foot touching the floor to shift your body and fashion an attractive line.

8. Create space around your waist

Do you want to look slim? Create gaps rather than holding your arms close to your body. Place one hand on your thigh and the other on your waist. The angle between the crook of your arm and your body will generate the illusion of a trim figure or accentuate your already slender physique.

Plentiful opportunities to practice adopting perfect poses will arise, and the more you develop the art of sitting and standing in front of the camera, the more photogenic you'll appear in photos.


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