Know the Difference between Your Job and Your Career

Know the Difference between Your Job and Your Career

Sep 25, 2018, 3:53:58 PM Business

Let us get the facts straight if you are just starting off with your very first job, you must not be daunted about the idea that this is the absolute end and you must stick with it forever – which is quite often the case with many young, gullible graduates or even undergrad students. Your Job is different from what your career is going to be, hence it is important to understand the difference between the two before you proceed forward in your practical life.

The Dynamics of Your Very First Job

  • Might Pay Less

You may have to live from paycheck to paycheck in your very first job. Let this not demotivate you as is the case with most people who opt for Master thesis writing service; they are already struggling with keeping up with several jobs at a time since they are more interested in than money than actually learning from the job. Do not get impatient because in your young years, when your brain is more absorptive to knowledge, you must invest in polishing your skills. Good offers shall follow then!

  • Experience and Learning Should Be Prioritized

Simply reinforcing the idea stated earlier that accept jobs that are promising and provide a good working environment to polish your skills. You may compromise on the salary, but the skills you learn and the feedback you receive will become life-long lessons from you and you shall endlessly reap benefits from them!

  • This is Probably Not Definite

Your very first job is not your career milestone, you are merely exploring yourself and the industry, thus having very high expectations for yourself will only make you feel overwhelmed. Thus you shouldn’t think too much about the direction that your job takes, but rather focus on simply giving your 100%. Hopefully, somewhere along the line, it will be clear to you where you want to see yourself.

  • Make as Many Mistakes as Possible but Learn from Them

This is the time when you can make as many mistakes you want without facing massive repercussions. Since you obviously are not holding a senior position, you can be molded and looked after by your seniors. Just make sure that you are learning from your mistakes and not making the same ones again.  

What Makes Your Career Different?

Your career, on the other hand, is entirely different and is not based entirely on the job you did but on the skills, you learned along the way. If you are really passionate about what you do, you may even be able to earn a lot in lesser time from your career.

Moreover, careers are based on your long-term goals. Unlike jobs, they do not fulfill the need to provide you with extra money, instead, this should be something that you are good at – through your previous job experiences – and are able to reap more rewards through it.

The knowledge that which career suits you best only come through exploring the things that you are good. Many students who reach out to THESIS WRITING HELP switch their course of education if they find something more interesting. Hence, switch their final careers. So there is no hard and fast rule that you must stick with the area of interest in which you first started out. In fact, always focus on bettering yourself and learning new skills. Because you never know what you might develop an interest in and maybe actually good a – you should certainly not restrict yourself in that case!

Right now simply focus on disciplining yourself, improving your work ethic, finding your interests and connecting with new people. When the right time comes, you may review your career goals according to your new skills. 

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