Why operators doesn’t offer unlimited data without FUP in mobile

Why operators doesn’t offer unlimited data without FUP in mobile

Jan 16, 2019, 9:47:18 PM Tech and Science

Frankly speaking and stating views as a mobile user, I don’t think unlimited is really unlimited. Actually unlimited is limited in some way. Telecom services companies always offer their services and ensure to give broadband plans as unlimited. This attracts subscribers and prevents them from shifting to new networks.

Come to think of it unlimited means the data won’t deplete but somehow we find the speed lowering. Okay! I bet the whole concept of unlimited applies and is very true but the speed part will really fail you. This the hidden part of unlimited data from the telecom providers. The buffering part when you’re watching a video or surfing the internet. When this happens we check on the data balance and find data on but actually the speed is capped by jiofi.local.html URL.

By now we all know about FUP, right?  This a common term from the telecom companies where they offer data with a FUP. This a data cap or bandwidth cap which is a given restriction or barrier by the telecom providers on the data transfer. This a policy set by each telecom provider to help manage data usage from all their users.

The set limits cannot be exceeded and the subscriber has to top up or pay more for the service. Fair usage policy limits your data thus reducing the whole fun part of unlimited.  Network congestion can also contribute to slow function of data and even total destruction of network. This is due to more clients who have higher data and better plans than your plan.

What is the best plan?

Before picking on unlimited plan, check on your data usage and select what suits you best. Check on your work load and how often you require the data. With this you can purchase what is enough unlike picking on cheap data which looks promising and ends up disappointing. Note prices matter in the case of unlimited data, don’t purchase according to the price as it might confuse but check on both and compare.

In India telecom companies have mushroomed and competition is relatively high. We have various companies offering unlimited broadband with no FUP. Which is a rear situation most of the providers give the offer in given days and then cap the data. Let’s go through some companies in the country and see some of the internet offers.

  • Airtel V-fiber broadband

With high competition from Reliance Jio Airtel has taken step to introduce unlimited plan to curb shifting of Airtel users. The company has removed the FUP on the broadband plans though the plan isn’t full implemented to all states.

  • BSNL unlimited 3G data with no FUP

The company has also shifted and introduced unlimited plans for the prepaid users. the company limits the plan to 14 days’ validity accommodating all the users.

  • Excitel broadband

With a small fee of RS 995 Excitel will offer unlimited plan giving 100Mbps speed data.

This are just a few to mention companies who have shifted and offered unlimited data to their esteem users. basically almost all telecom companies in India offer the unlimited plan.


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