Electrical Services - Take A Look at Its Different Types


Electrical Services - Take A Look at Its Different Types

Nov 24, 2018, 10:22:02 PM Business

Electrical appliances are an important part of our life. Without any doubt, we cannot imagine even a single moment of our lives without these appliances. Even science and technology would not have been able to prosper much without the aid of electricity. It is the source of power to many appliances that consequently make our work easier. All it involves is appropriate installation and safety connections. We are surrounded by many electrical devices which often distort after a specific period of time.

Installation, maintenance and repair are the usual electrical services which are performed by the electricians. Such services are not only required at the residential level, commercial places and industries to face such issues. Are the electricians for all the sectors same? If you are nodding your head yes, then it is not true. For repairing certain fixtures at home and at public, you do not call the same plumber for both.

What Are The Different Types Of Electrical Services?

Commercial electrical services: As the name suggests, the commercial electricians are generally hired for commercial projects like schools, shopping complexes, roads, hospitals and so on. Commercial projects can be both big and small and the type of services is hired accordingly. Some of their services are mentioned below:

  • Designing and installing the electrical works for vast commercial projects.
  • Inspecting and repairing various electrical connections in the commercial areas.
  • They ensure that safety and regulations are met with a proper inspection.
  • Services include installations in retail fit-outs and workplace refurbishments.

Industrial Electrical Services: Large factories or big plants are generally included in this category. The modern industries do not use conventional sources of energy. Rather it includes large or heavy electrical installations. Though installation is the basic part, repair and maintenance are the usual work performed by the electricians. The electricians in this sector are solely engaged in regulating the flow of electricity and ensuring maximum safety. In other words, they entirely work in accordance with the safety laws.

Residential Electrical Services: The electricians whom you approach to fix the electrical fixtures and electrical repair works at home are the residential services. Residential or domestic services include the following components:

  • Repair of broken circuit
  • Renovating electrical works
  • Lighting design
  • Upgrading switchboards and other electrical systems.
  • Installation of certain appliances that are pretty essential like AC, TV and many more.

Both high and low voltage wiring work is done by the domestic service providers. The entire system is not as complex as that of the commercial and industrial electrical systems. Hence, usual electricians can also perform the work of domestic electrical services. There are several aspects which differentiate the industrial, commercial and residential service providers.

  • Uniformity: Industrial electricians are just like the regular employees while the commercial ones are hired for a periodic basis until the project is completed. Residential ones are hired only at the time of installation or repair.
  • Scale: Residential electricians work on a small scale particularly from house to house. Industrial electricians work in large scale industries with their specific team of experts controlling various factors.
  • Professionalism: Industrial and commercial electricians are totally professionalised and possess a license for accomplishing the particular work. However, residential electricians need not hold a license for it.

In order to get the best results, the best services should be selected. As the electrical repair and installations include risky works, one should genuinely approach professionals. The area of work of entire type of electricians might be different but unless they possess adequate knowledge, they cannot handle it safely. Take certain safety measures and ensure better installation.

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