How The Instagram Algorithm Works?

How The Instagram Algorithm Works?

Mar 17, 2019, 8:47:04 PM Life and Styles

There are many reasons to want to understand the Instagram Algorithm better, primarily so that more of your followers will see your content, but also for discovery and growth.
Before we break down what affects the algorithm, understanding what doesn't and what generally accepted ideas about the algorithm are just myths equally important.
⦁    How often your account posts to Stories or uses Instagram Live does not affect how your post shows up in the algorithm.
⦁    For posting more frequently, your account is not downranked in the algorithm.
⦁    In the algorithm, a business account has as much favorability as a personal account, so should be consistent regardless of the account type. 
⦁    There is no photo favorability across the platform over video or vice versa, but depending on preferences, individual accounts may see more of one than the other.           

How A User’s Feed Is Curated

The algorithm is designed to customize the feed differently for each user and give them first of all the content they want to see and based on three main factors: interest, perception, and relationship.
1.    Interest is to use past behaviors to predict the type of content with which you are most likely to engage. If a user spends a lot of time actually watching and interacting with dog posts, the algorithm will prioritize more dog posts at the top of their feed and on the find tab.
2.    Recency is when you posted the post. Recent content favors Instagram over older material. So, even with the algorithmic feed, it's still important to post time. See your Instagram Analytics for a better understanding of when your followers are most active and posting accordingly.
3.    The relationship is how dedicated an account is to a user. Have they been engaging in the past with your content? Have you been participating in history with their content? It's important to be active in your brand-appropriate feed, commenting and liking pictures, and posts that tag or mention your brand. 
Now that we have a clear framework for how to curate a user's feed. Let's look at your posts ' factors and what you can do to optimize your content to increase reach and commitment.
Factors To Increase Your Brands Engagement
There are some factors already decided in the Instagram algorithm before you post. So once you understand these, it's essential to start regularly optimizing them and seeing your reach change over time called the quality score you have in place. Your actual quality score consists of several different factors: do you consistently post good quality content? Do you actively engage with your posts? And are you getting involved with your followers? If the answer to these questions is yes, you are one step ahead of the algorithm already.

As you can Look, the algorithm pulls so many different factors in different directions, and each feed is curated individually want to Buy Instagram followers With constant testing to see what works best for your brand, it is essential to take these principles and apply them to your Instagram strategy.

Published by Joel Borthwick

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