Telltale Signs of a Bad Roommate

Taking on a roommate can cut your rent costs in half and help strengthen your financial stability. As an added bonus, having an extra person around to help with the chores couldn’t hurt. However, this isn’t to say that all roommate situations work out. As is the case with any type of relationship, mutual trust, clear communication and a shared consideration for one another’s feelings are crucial to keeping things friendly with your roomie. Just because two roommates get off to a rosy doesn’t mean this harmony can be maintained long-term. If your roomie exhibits any of the following traits, there’s a chance you may be stuck with a dud.

Doesn’t Clean Up after Themselves

Few things are more frustrating than a roommate with a penchant for making messes that he or she never cleans up. In healthy roommate relationships, both parties take responsibility for their own messes and clean them up in a timely manner. However, if your roomie frequently leaves dishes, clothing and various personal items lying around, it may be time to have a talk. Of course, if you want your roommate to tend to his or her messes, it behooves you to follow by example. If you habitually engage in messy behaviors, there’s no sense in complaining about a roomie who does the same.

If you’re in the market for furnished apartment rentals in Omaha, NE, ascertain each complex’s policies regarding roommate disputes. This may provide you with some feasible solutions for working things out with a disagreeable roomie.

Is an Incessant Noise Polluter

When living with a roommate, it’s important to be mindful of your personal volume. If your noise levels are constantly off the charts, your roomie is liable to have trouble concentrating, relaxing and sleeping. Unsurprisingly, noise pollution is among the foremost reasons roommate relationships fall apart. So if your roomie frequently listens to loud music, watches TV at high volumes or hosts wild parties, this illustrates a clear lack of consideration for your feelings. To help ensure that you don’t get stuck with a noise-polluting roommate, make your expectations regarding personal volume known at the outset of the relationship. 

Has No Respect for Boundaries

The last thing you want to be stuck with is a roommate who doesn’t understand boundaries. Roomies who enter your personal space, borrow your clothing or use your property without permission are in direct violation of an important social contract. The first time your roommate engages in such behavior, sit down with them and lay out clearly-defined boundaries. Should the violations persist, it may be best to change your living situation. 

Budget-conscious renters looking for an effective way to offset monthly expenses should consider the perks of taking on a roommate. However, keep in mind that living by yourself and living with a roommate are two very different experiences, and when cohabitating with a roomie, you’ll need to alter your schedule and behaviors accordingly. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid roommates who exhibit any of the traits discussed above.  

Published by Joel Borthwick


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