Things To Know While Installing A Roof Fall Protection System

Things To Know While Installing A Roof Fall Protection System

Sep 13, 2018, 8:44:35 PM Business

Construction jobs are risky jobs. It is very important to follow certain measures to keep the employees safe from falling when working on high roofs.  The Roof Fall Protection Systems help in providing safety measures for employees.  It is an equipment, which is used to protect the people working on the rooftops. It is very important for any particular project or any person randomly working on a roof.  Everyone should have an equal responsibility in maintaining the security of the employees because a human life is not a joke. 

Roof Fall Protection Systems are very important because every year hundreds of workers are dying or getting severely injured as there was no safety system installed. Several studies have shown that every accident could have been prevented if there was a Roof Fall Protection System installed. 

What is the Roof Fall Protection Systems? 

It has now become illegal to make workers work in roofs without proper safety measures taken. There's been a lot of instances where people slipped or tripped over something and fell down the roof. It is very important and it is mentioned in the federal guidelines that every worker should be given appropriate training so that he knows how the protection systems work and how one can use them. 

Roof Fall Protection Systems are of The Following Types: 

  • Guardrail systems
  • Safety Nets
  • Personal fall arrest (PFA) system 

For workers working on low slope roofs, they use: 

  • Warning line systems
  • Safety monitoring systems 

For people working in heights more than 1.8 meters of six feet, it's mandatory for them to use one of these systems or in combination whatever works. 

Different Types Of Fall Protection Systems: 

  • Guardrail Systems: Guardrail Roof Fall Protection Systems are installed around the perimeter of the roof to prevent you from falling down. They can be installed Roof Fall Protection Systems either temporarily or permanently. It is very important to be familiar with these before using one because there is a certain height, composition, location requirements which need to be maintained. 
  • Safety Nets: These are nets or mesh-like made out of synthetic materials. They are placed below the roof so that it can clasp the falling worker. There are certain safety guidelines on what quality materials it should be made of and how much weight it can withstand. They also need to be checked regularly. 
  • Personal Fall Arrest System: These are belt-like structures that are to be worn by the worker. It has a hook which is attached to the worker and the other part of the hook is attached to a sturdy surface so that if the worker falls he just hangs in one place. This is the next best thing after a parachute. Roof Fall Protection Systems like this is very safe and should always be used. 
  • Warning Line system: These are a type of barriers made of a chain which restricts the workers from entering an area which is unprotected. They are very strong and can hold a lot of weight. 
  • Safety Monitoring Systems: This is not a typical Roof Fall Protection System, instead it's a protection system expert who oversees the whole thing. He stands below the roof and warns any work if they are any violation of safety guidelines. This type of protection system is only used for low roofs. 

Roof Fall Protection Systems are very important because they save lives. If you are in a construction field responsibility it is your responsibility to take care of the employers working under you. If you care about your workers’ lives as much as your own, then not only will you have growth in your company but the workers also will be happy working under you.​

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