Types of Vacuum cleaners for Pet Hair

If you love pets and owns a cat or a god, then you must be annoyed with the hair of your pets. Pets shed a lot of hair everywhere they go. Pets Hair are very sticky and they don’t go away easily from the Carpet, Furniture or from the Car. 

To suck up the Pet Hair, you need to buy a reliable Vacuum Cleaner to suck up the Pet Hair. If you are not aware of the different types of vacuum cleaners for pet hair then here we have explained all the types which can give you the best of performance for cleaning the Pet Hair from all the places. 

Vacuum Cleaners are designed for various cleaning purposes of the users. In this modern world, we have numerous choices available while purchasing a new Vacuum Cleaner. There are certain types of Vacuum Cleaners available for sucking up the Pet Hair. Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners come with a powerful motor which can suck up the hair from different platforms smoothly. Normal Vacuum Cleaners are not able to pick up the stubborn pet hair, and for that reason, you have to purchase a Powerful Vacuum Cleaner to suit your needs. 

Since you are not aware of the different types of Vacuum Cleaners available in the market, you have to understand the types of them first. Just to give you the right information about them, here we have listed down different types of Vacuum Cleaners available in the market for Pet Hair. We have included all the information about each Vacuum Cleaner which is good at sucking up Pet Hair. Follow the list now! 

Types of Vacuum cleaners for Pet Hair

1. Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the most common and popular type of Vacuum Cleaners. New generation Upright Vacuum Cleaners come with a set of advanced features to fulfill the demands of the consumers. Many manufacturers have recently launched powerful Vacuum Cleaners of this type. 

This type of Vacuum Cleaners stands straight on the ground. They are most powerful in cleaning and work well on almost all types of floor types. You can use the Upright Vacuum Cleaner on hard carpets, hard floors, thick carpets etc. The Upright Vacuum Cleaners come with a powerful suction capacity which can easily suck up Pet Hair from different platforms easily. You can find a variety of options in Upright Vacuum Cleaner category for your Pet Hair. 

2. Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister Vacuum Cleaners are high in demands as they are the trendiest Vacuums available in the market. This type of clean comes attached with a Cylinder and a hose to suck up things. The Canister Vacuums are lighter than the Upright Vacuum Cleaners with good flexibility at cleaning. 

This type of Vacuums comes with a variety of features and sizes. The multi-talented vacuums perform really well on most surfaces. Since the Canister Vacuums have different attachments, they work effectively on most surfaces. You can use this type of Vacuums for Pet Hair collection as they come with a powerful suction capacity. 

Canister Vacuums have a hose attached to it which lets you use it inside your Car. If your Pets have shaded hair inside the car, you can easily pick up the hair of your Pets with a reliable Canister Vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is also great for cleaning stairs. Canister Vacuums support a variety of accessories which you can use for sucking up Pet Hair from Car, Furniture and many other places easily. 

3. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is loved by everyone as they come with a compact size and easy-to-use design. The Handheld Vacuum Cleaners are portable and you can carry it anywhere you go. You don’t need to worry about the storage and transfer of this type of Vacuums. 

The compact design makes it easier for the users to clean hard-to-reach areas of your home, room or any other places. They are best suited for car owners who roam with their pets inside the car. If you pick a Powerful Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, it can easily suck up pet hair from the furniture, bed and even from your car’s seat. You don’t need to spend your precious time in cleaning Pet Hair as the handheld Vacuum Cleaner can pick up all those hair in no time. 

4. Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

If you are searching for a lightweight vacuum cleaner for light-duty cleaning, then Stick Vacuum Cleaners are the best option available for you. The Stick Vacuums can offer different types of cleaning functions to different types of consumers. Stick Vacuum Cleaners have a long stick or handle where a Motor is fixed. The Vacuum Cleaner runs through Electricity and they are best suited for Pet Owners. 

New generation Stick Vacuum Cleaners are designed with Powerful Motor which can suck up Pet Hair quickly. You can use this type of Vacuums even under the furniture or underneath your bed. Stick Vacuum Cleaners come with different shapes and sizes, depending upon your basic requirements, you can pick the suitable Stick Vacuum Cleaner. For Pet Hair, you need to pick a Stick Vacuum Cleaner with a powerful motor and good suction capacity. 

5. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners are currently the best-selling Vacuums in the world. This type of Vacuums doesn’t require any manual tasks, it requires a one-time setup and that’s all. The Vacuum can clean up the entire floor and all the rooms automatically without your presence. 

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners can collect Pet Hair easily left by your Pets on the floor. The only limitation of this type of Vacuum Cleaner is, they are not designed for heavy-duty cleaning. The robotic Vacuums can collect Pet Hair underneath your bed and furniture.

Moreover, the Robotic Vacuums have built-in sensors which can protect the machine from falling down from the Stairs. The sensors also guide the machine when there are obstacles on its way. You can also set the timer and schedule the cleaning process. This machine can clean up the entire floor and collect Pet Hair in just a few minutes of time. 


New generation Vacuum Cleaners are very powerful and they come with a set of advanced features and functions for cleaning different types of floors and carpets. Depending on your requirements, you can select the suitable type of collect the Pet Hair easily. What we recommend to you is go with the Canister Vacuum Cleaner as they can clean up everything efficiently, especially for the Pet Owners. 

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