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Howdy Feaders! (Fellow Readers)


Hello, I'm Joel Leonidas whom been a great son of Poseidon that loves reading and at the same time giving reviews. I do also some bookish discussion - a bit. I love some Fiction books with genres like Dystopian, SciFi and Fantasy. Others might do as long as its story is promising, weird or catch my attention.


Books are life so do mine. I like to share it with everyone else and besides its part of my awesome hobby in the world.


I'm new to this so please bear with me. Anyway, aside from that...

I'm from my beloved country, Philippines and greatly an avid reader. I just start reading in my earlies but do the blogging early this year. I think it's from my vacation which nearly drowns me out of boredoms, thanks, I found a way from it and here it is blogging.


A perfect hobby to share my thoughts and discussion which besides me and no one else in my household do love what I love but they appreciate, though.


Here is my blog where I do my reviewing and discussion,


You can also view my bookstagram which I also love doing, Instagram, see what I currently reading and what to read, maybe we are on the same pace, Goodreads & tweet-tweet for your spare time, Twitter.

Looking forward to all of you. Thanks for passing by. 😄😆😁

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