Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor

Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor

Aug 22, 2019, 1:53:34 PM Life and Styles

When it comes to personal hygiene, shaving your beard is an integral part of it. There are a lot of shaving options available to you, but sometimes there is nothing like the good old-fashioned way of shaving with a straight razor. Take a look below at some of the advantages of owning one and shaving with it.

Longevity Is A Prime Factor

Just ask yourself how many times you had to change razors or electric razors; it's something all men have gone through over the years. But a straight razor can last much longer, according to the people at, the lack of electrically movable components in the razor not only gives you less possible breakages but simultaneously has a maximum life with decades-long functionality. And this is what you need in a razor, something that will last long with you and doesn't need replacing so often. It will be there for you whenever you need the cleanest shave.

Say Goodbye To Burns and Bumps

When you look at different stores or T.V ads that talk about the standard razor cartridges and boasting about multiple blades, you might think to yourself that it's worth it but this is not always beneficial. If you pass a multi-blade product over your face repeatedly, your skin will turn dry and result in razor burns, irritation, and ingrown hairs. But when you use a straight razor with a single blade, you can shave with fewer passes, reducing skin irritations, bumps, and burns. It also makes your skin feel smoother than ever before. So that's another reason why you should go for it.

It Saves You A Lot of Money

If you decide to buy a straight razor, it will be more expensive than any of the traditional multi-blade razors. But after your initial purchase, you should have very limited costs compared to the actual straight razor. You don't have to pay again for a new replacement, and you won't have to pay for any new fixed parts. Think of it as an investment that would last a lifetime; what it costs now is nothing compared to what you'd pay over the years if you use other alternatives.

It's Considered To Be Environmentally-Friendly

There is an ongoing trend of disposable products now, which means more metal and plastic to throw away. Millions of discarded cartridge razor heads, for example, are one of the things we as humans are doing wrong with the environment. So owning a straight razor can be beneficial to both you and Mother Nature! Think of it as your part of making the problem a little less by virtually eliminating any trash associated with shaving. Not only will you no longer be throwing away razors or cartridges, but you will get the best and cleanest shave with this classic wet shaving method.

Shaving with a straight razor gives you a lot of benefits, not to mention that it also feels incredibly masculine! Show off to the world just what shaving the right way looks like, be a man and use it! 


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