Follow These Tips to Help Boost Customer Engagement

Follow These Tips to Help Boost Customer Engagement

Jul 31, 2019, 11:54:49 AM Business

Capitalize on all social media facilities

The loudest place to interact is always going to be on social media. One small tweet can go viral within hours, one post can reach millions of people within minutes. Using social media and all the facilities that it offers will help you be able to always keep your customers in the loop to what's going on right now in your business. Keeping yourself,  present within their site is extremely beneficial because they won’t forget you as long as you're within their view.

Make it more interactive

You can see a ton of posts on social media that appeal to you but never actually prompt you to take any action. That kills the entire momentum you’ve built with the post itself as there's no second step you can take after viewing it. Accompanying your posts with polls or onboarding forms helps keep them constantly interactive. Regular surveys are extremely boring and most people don’t actually bother doing them anymore. Polls and onboarding forms are a way better method as they always keep you engaged throughout the process of actually doing them, especially since onboarding forms gives instantaneous feedback and makes it seem like an actual conversation between your business and your customers.

First impressions change everything

The first time your customers lay eyes on you determines whether or not they're going to give you the time of day. If you're unable to catch their attention, you need to turn up the level of effort you're putting in to get that attention of theirs. In order to get engaged, your customers must first get interested in the first place, so you’ve got to make your business as interesting as you can in order to get whomever is looking at it to see you clearly. It's the same as fishing with bait, because once you’ve got their attention, you're going to have to hold on tight as you reel them in slowly and carefully.

While you may be trying to sell your customers something, you’ve also got to realize that buying your product/service isn’t all the customer is. They're humans who love to talk and socialize too. Speaking to them as though they're more of your friends rather than your customers builds a relationship far stronger than any regular business, as you're building a community rather than simply trying to sell people things. The way to get people engaged is to talk to them about something they want to be spoken about.

Published by Johanne Cosihan

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