How to Calculate a Fair Compensation Value for Your Injury Case?

Calculating the exact amount you would require as compensation, for any injury that you suffer, is necessary. There are different ways to calculate the offered amount that can be or is nearly acceptable for the damages you experience. Obviously, no amount of money can take all the suffering or pain that you went through, but to pay your medical bills, you would surely need compensation. For starters, you would need to calculate a fair compensation value by first comprehending the nature of your damage. Damage can be categorized into two types, i.e., Special damage and General damage.  There are several factors determined by the insurance companies in order to evaluate your compensation amount for the loss. Every injury case that you go through is important and needs to be considered by your insurance company. Learn more to know about the damages you can experience and how to calculate a fair compensation value for your injury case.

Special Damages

Special damages include your losses that can be calculated easily. The economic damages include all the medical bills, wages that you lost due to the accident, etc. Special losses are calculated by the actual amount of expenses, including every dollar for your therapy sessions, transportation cost, and loss of any personal items. The most common method used by many insurance companies is called the “Multiplier.” In this method, you add all the possible loss’ amount that you could think of. Then the final number is multiplied with 1.5 on the least scale and with 5 on the largest scale. After the calculations are done, the negotiation is made between the defendant and the injured person.

General Damages

On the other hand, general damages are very tough to calculate as you cannot measure the pain and suffering by any amount of dollars. Every accident is different, and you cannot compare anyone’s pain with someone else. This pain and suffering under the “General Damages” include emotional trauma, body pain, scars, anxiety, and loss of memory, etc. For a severe kind of damage case, you can double the amount calculated by the multiplier method. Also, hire your attorney who will help you get enough payment from the insurance company.


The recommended way is to consider both special and general damages, calculate your range, and then you can negotiate the compensation amount. Especially in case of big and more serious accidents, you can settle for the high amount as compensation. Some accidents require long-term treatments, therapy sessions, and lots of medical tests. For those, you can justify a high calculation amount, which would only be fair because no one can take that suffering away from you. The calculation, the cost for general damage, is personal for everyone, so there is no absolute amount that you can ask, but you can always ask your attorney to help you with the process of calculating a fair compensation value for your injury case.


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