School high in the mountains

School high in the mountains

Dec 10, 2019, 11:43:24 AM News

Can you imagine that every day of your child can be memorable and different from the previous one? Combine a number of activities in one vacation - hiking, picnics, role-playing games, sports, drawing, dancing and many other activities. The mountains offer all the perfect conditions for this - picturesque nature and excellent facilities for modern learning camps. These camps are fun for the children as there they can acquire unique skills and useful habits. And while playing with their peers, the kids can effortlessly learn a foreign language with the help of qualified teachers. 

Even if the vacation is still far away, it is advisable for the family to think in advance about the extracurricular development of the children. There are a lot of camp offers, but the pros and cons should be considered well and the most appropriate vacation should be chosen according to the preferences and age of the children. Some summer schools already provide full-board accommodation in luxury hotels, which typically includes five meals a day. Organizing the pleasant stay and suitable conditions is undoubtedly important, but the focus should be on the activities offered for the small campers. 


 The more opportunities for activities, the more complete your leisure time will be. The best facilities offer varied activities because children have different interests and abilities. The mountain can offer many outdoor activities that would be difficult to be implemented in marine camps or in urban environment. For example, hiking in picturesque areas and picnics in meadows. Particularly exciting for children is the paintball, in which opponents are eliminated with a specific and completely safe weapon firing balls of paint. It is a joy for the little ones to play with colorful kites and make bird houses. Among the sports activities, along with football and badminton, the mountain camps offer horseback riding. For some urban children, this is the first opportunity to see and touch these beautiful animals. 


Luxury hotels also offer opportunities for swimming in warm pools, and in some of these hotels there are salt rooms for relaxation that have become very popular in the recent years because they are very good for the health. Karaoke and dancing also contribute to the fun in the camp. There are also activities aimed at acquiring different practical skills, for example, cooking courses. The role-playing and team-building activities included in the programs are particularly useful for the development of the children’s skills. The program includes also activities in the field of fine arts,  so the kids have also time to draw and show their talents. 

Usually the kids are divided in groups according to their age, and in language training they are also divided in beginners and advanced. Summer schools are an excellent opportunity for children to communicate in a foreign language while playing and indulging in various other activities. They are divided into small groups with highly qualified trainers, which is a prerequisite for the rapid progression and acquisition of freedom of expression in English or another language. Innovative approaches are applied, for example, development of projects on specific topics to improve the English language skills. Through the projects kids also gain knowledge in many areas, for example, humanity and nature, apat from learning of the language itself. 

No matter how beautiful and useful is to be in nature, technology is not forgotten. Fully equipped computer areas and wireless internet are provided to help children develop in this area. And in the colorful and cozy atmosphere of the children's clubs there are numerous games and entertainment. 


Schools high in the mountains also allow the children to learn, have fun and adopt a lot of useful practical skills and gain energy. In addition, they become much more independent in a short time, because only the smallest ones arrive in camp with an adult. During training and games, campers also develop their social skills by constantly communicating with their peers. 

There is a place where all this is possible - at the Lucky Kids international children's summer camp. The camp is organized at the five-star aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax, where the children can feel at home. It is no coincidence that many of the little campers of this summer school return several times, even within one season. 

Published by Johanne Cosihan

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