Things to think about when seeking out golf gear and equipment

Things to think about when seeking out golf gear and equipment

Aug 5, 2019, 2:20:55 PM Life and Styles

Like any sporting activity, golf requires players to invest in some essential pieces of equipment, never mind all the optional add-ons which add something extra to the experience. It would be very easy to overspend or to make the wrong choices, so if you are looking to buy some golf gear and equipment it’s worth taking a little time to consider the following, and letting the answers shape the decisions you make.

How often will/do you play?

If you are a complete novice is there a way to borrow a set of clubs from a friend, or play on a course where they can be hired? This is a good way of checking out that you actually enjoy it and want to continue without the pressure of having made a hefty investment - if you want some help in deciding the best clubs you should buy then head over to golf gear hub

If you are sure you’ll only play occasionally then gently used decent quality clubs are a good buy. More experienced players in this position can take the same route when adding to their collection.

The things you shouldn’t compromise on, regardless of how rarely you play, are a decent golf bag and the right shoes. Get those wrong and you will be so uncomfortable you won’t want to play anyhow!

Have you improved your level of play?

If you are looking to upgrade clubs because your play has improved then seek advice from an expert, (at a club or in a specialist store), on which will be best suited for the skill level you have achieved.  Your game will be hindered by using the wrong clubs, so make this a priority.

Once you have mastered the basics and are improving then extras like a golf swing plane trainer, a golf GPS or rangefinder may be a good buy.

Playing for fun or in tournaments?

All golfers need to wear the correct shoes, but there’s plenty of choices, depending on what you prioritise. For example, recently spikeless shoes which use rubber studs for grips are becoming very popular. They are lighter to wear and can help reduce back and foot pain, but they are not as waterproof as other styles. Spiked shoes often have plastic spikes these days, rather than the metal type that easily destroyed the greens. They are comfortable and offer good traction. Some tournaments have strict rules about shoes, accessories, and clothes, so always check before entering that you can meet them.

In terms of clothes the guidelines on acceptable gear for regular games are pretty simple, so wearing some plain trousers, or a skirt/shorts to the knee with a plain collared polo shirt will never see you out of place. For tournaments check the rules on dress.

Where to buy golf gear and equipment

The last word is on buying what you need. Clothes, accessories and some equipment can be ordered from anywhere really, but things like clubs are best if you at least try them in person, so you can get the right ‘feel’ before going ahead and ordering online.

Published by Johanne Cosihan

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