Unusual Wedding and Engagement Rings For the Bride Who Wants To Stand Out

When it comes to planning a wedding these days, you have an almost limitless amount of options available to you, from venues and catering to wedding dresses and even the location of the wedding itself.

Certain things, though, seem to fall into common patterns, with wedding and engagement rings being a prime example of this. It seems almost every engagement ring these days is a diamond solitaire and every wedding ring a simple gold or platinum band.

However, there are a number of different options for engagement and wedding rings which deviate from the norm, and will allow you to showcase your unique style and personality. Let’s take a look at some ideas for unusual engagement and wedding rings.

Woven, Patterned and Textured Bands

When considering a wedding ring, be aware that there are many more options available to you than a plain band. Possibilities for your wedding band go far beyond simply the type of precious metal You may also choose a patterned or textured band: more innovative ring designers are now releasing woven metal bands, bands with different textured finishes, and those which are designed to look like nature shapes such as twigs, leaves or flowers. Another great choice for a wedding ring which is a little different but still in a classic style is a diamond eternity band: this is a simply band shape but with lined with smaller stones. Traditionally an eternity band would feature diamonds, but why not also consider sapphires, rubies, or either of these stones mixed with diamonds?

Celtic Wedding Rings

If you are looking for something a little different, but still in a deeply traditional style, you could consider Celtic rings. A Claddagh wedding band makes a lovely alternative to a plain band. The Claddagh ring is a design steeped in Irish tradition which goes back hundreds of years, featuring a distinctive motif of a heart, two hands and a crown. These elements symbolise love, unity and loyalty respectively, and together the Claddagh ring is a symbol of deep commitment to another person.

Other Celtic ring designs also make great wedding rings. Celtic rings with their distinctive knot motifs framing a precious stone or stones can be a great option for a unique engagement ring. Not only are these designs decorative and beautiful, but the Celtic knot designs, with lines which continually run through and connect back to the beginning, are a powerful symbol of eternity.

Vintage Engagement and Wedding Rings

Another alternative to the norm is to choose a vintage wedding or engagement ring. This could be anything from an exquisite antique Victorian ring to a stunning 1980’s piece of bling. The good thing about jewellery (as opposed to clothing for example) is that is made to last forever, so a ring from over 100 years ago will look equally beautiful today.

This is a great option for the bride or couple who loves antiques, appreciates history, or has a vintage sense of style. A vintage ring means you will have something that no one else has: letting you showcase your personality and style with a unique piece of jewellery.

Unusual Precious Stones

Remember that when choosing an engagement ring you don’t need to be limited to diamonds. As beautiful as diamonds are, there is literally a world of precious and semi-precious stones out there which look equally beautiful as a solitaire or in a multi-stone setting. If you would like to truly set yourself apart, you may choose an unusual stone which is sure to be a great conversation piece.

Here are some precious and semi-precious stones which look great on engagement rings:

  • Sapphires, not only the traditional blue sapphire, but also pink, green, purple and orange sapphires

  • Emeralds in the classic shade of green, as well as aquamarine and yellow shades

  • Rubies in a shades from light pink to deep red

  • Topaz in golden yellow or icy blue

  • Opals with their multi-coloured flecks and sparkles

When choosing your engagement or wedding ring, you do not need to be bound by tradition or expectation. Classic diamond solitaires and plain bands may be perfect for some, but others will find that a more interest and creative ring suits their style better. If this is you, express your individuality through a Celtic wedding ring, a setting with an unusual stone, or a timeless vintage piece.

Published by Johanne Cosihan


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