Island Of Greece – Inside You’ll Find All Details!

Island Of Greece – Inside You’ll Find All Details!

Dec 31, 2021, 9:50:28 AM Life and Styles

The Island Of Greece – Inside You'll Find All Details!

One of the best islands of Europe is the Greek Island known as the "25th Island of Greece". Since it's a tourist's dream destination, there are many hotels and flights available. The island has a beautiful location off the coast at the center of Athens and consists of 1044 islands in total. It is also surrounded by water on three sides which makes it easier to navigate. Recently, due to its tourism-friendly culture, this was named "the world's happiest country".

Now, most people think that the island is located in Greece but it's actually located just off the coast of North Africa. This makes it more protected from external threats and, at times, migrations. The land of Greece has thousands of years old history and although it was originally known as the Island Of The Sun, its name changed to Greek after a long series of wars.

Greece has a landmass

The Island Of Greece has a landmass of 32,500 square kilometers that makes it the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The island used to be covered in forests but now due to development, it is very modern. The highest peak on the island is Mount Olympus which at 2,918 meters above sea level is also the tallest mountain in Europe. Although there are tall mountains on this island, there are very few lakes as compared to other countries. You'll also find that there are very few seaside cities as compared to other islands.

The Island Of Greece has a variety of different types

This Island Of Greece has a variety of different types of climates ranging from coastal climate to continental climate. The weather is very mild all year round and it rarely rains, therefore, many residents choose to live in the island's cities and farmlands. The average temperature in February is 12 degrees Celsius and in July it reaches up to 25 degrees Celsius.

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