How to Enhance Arousal for Men with Erectile Dysfunction?

How to Enhance Arousal for Men with Erectile Dysfunction?

Aug 18, 2021, 11:38:00 AM Life and Styles

"Arousal for men is the feeling of being turned on sexually. Erectile dysfunction makes it difficult for a man to get an erection even when he is aroused to sufficient levels. Though there are doses called PDE5 inhibitors to overcome erectile dysfunction, males cannot erection without sufficient arousal levels. Some men find it difficult to have an erection even after using a Levitra dose because they do not know how to arouse themselves. It is possible to overcome minor erection issues with sufficient arousal levels. So the important trick is to learn arousal techniques. Arousal techniques are for relaxation of body and mind respond to stimulations."


Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual dysfunction. It happens when a man cannot get an erection when he desires so for an intimate session. The problem occurs in adult life from 18 -65 years due to physical, emotional, and mental issues. Erectile dysfunction also occurs due to health issues that often come up due to advancing age.

Erectile dysfunction at the cellular level is a decrease in blood circulation. Medicines prescribed against erectile dysfunction enhance blood circulation in the body by relaxing blood vessels. The relaxed blood vessels facilitate a greater amount of blood circulation in the body, which overcomes erection weakness. The dose strength prescribed to the male with erectile dysfunction is strong enough to overcome erection resistance. Levitra 60mg is for severe erection weakness. It is prescribed only after a comprehensive medical examination so that the user can withstand its dose strength.

The function of Erectile Dysfunction doses

Erectile dysfunction doses enhance the function of nitric oxide, which is produced in the blood vessels. Nitric oxide triggers the production of cyclic GMP which relaxes the blood vessels. The relaxation dilates the blood vessels to create more space for additional blood flow in the body.

In males with erectile dysfunction, the enzyme PDE5 contracts the blood vessels and controls the function of cyclic GMP. So when a male with erectile dysfunction swallows erectile dysfunction medicines, he lets nitric oxide and cyclic GMP work efficiently to promote smooth blood flow throughout the body.

When blood rushes into the corpus cavernous male organ, it dilates the organ. The enlarged male organ becomes ready for an erection with physical stimulation. Here, comes the need for sufficient arousal for a hard erection. The hardness of the erection directly depends on the level of arousal.

Ways to Enhance Arousal for Men

Increase the duration of foreplay

This is the best and simple way to enhance arousal for men. Often males who get an early erection complete their side of the intimate act, but their partner remains unsatisfied.

Foreplay helps mid-aged males to get sufficiently aroused. There should be no fixed time to complete foreplay. Let it go from one level to another without rushing into intercourse. Keep intercourse at the end of the intimate session. 

Create soothing ambiance

Males with emotionally induced erectile dysfunction often fail to get the desired result even after using erectile dysfunction medicines. This is because the mind is tense and anxiety levels are high. A tense mind cannot start the erection process. A relaxed mind develops the idea of intimacy, which leads to an erection.

Creating a soothing ambiance helps to get physical and mental relaxation which is necessary for an erection. Use essential oils to create a soothing ambiance in the bedroom. Dilute your favorite essential oil in a carrier before using it. Rosemary, lavender oil, sandalwood oil, etc. are some of the favorite essential oil for relaxing both body and the mind.

Massage with herbal oil

Massage with herbal oil

After using the erectile dysfunction dose prescribed to you, use herbal oil for massage. Let your partner massage your intimate parts. This will be a highly effective technique to get an erection. The intercourse part should be the last part of the entire program.

Visit a massage or spa center or help each other in massage. The herbal oil massage will relax your body and mind. This way your response to stimulation will be better. 

Move away from a single goal

Males who are suffering from ED, their first priority is to use Sildenafil citrate 120 mg but some males didn't get satisfying results. In that case, they should move on to Levitra because of its power. Levitra is a more powerful dose than Viagra.

Get away from intercourse. Focus on other pleasures. Explore different body parts. Discovering each other’s erogenous zones, like vulva, clitoris, vagina, male organ, scrotum, etc. Go beyond these areas to thighs, soft underside of arms, neck, fingers, toes, back, lower back, and buttocks. Let each one touch and feel each part of the body. During this entire session, do not worry about an erection. It will occur automatically.

Yoga and exercises

Yoga and exercises

Incorporate some yoga poses or exercises into your daily schedule. Bridge pose or pelvic floor exercise strength the pelvic muscles. Activating pelvic muscles pushes blood flow towards the male organ. Pelvic floor exercises help males to overcome erection issues naturally without medicines. 

Both males and females benefit from pelvic floor exercises. Aerobic exercises make the heart efficient and strong. The acceleration in heartbeat during aerobic exercises improves the efficiency of the heart during rest time. A man with an efficient heart will never face erection issues. The overall impact of the exercises and yoga will be an improved performance with satisfactory erections.

Use of Levitra doses

Levitra is the only erectile dysfunction dose that has more power as compared to others. The presence of Levitra in the bloodstream ensures spontaneity in intimacy. They can get an erection anytime when they desire for an intimate session. Higher doses of Levitra helps to get back arousal in men even they are suffering from ED for a long time.

Deal with emotional issues before using Levitra

There should be no emotional or psychological issue behind erection failure. It has been observed that many emotional issues are just negative thoughts. Remove the negative thoughts to get realize the full potential of Levitra dose.

You need to identify the causes of emotional disturbance. Take professional help, if necessary. Their help is in form of counseling sessions provided by a psychologist. Talk therapy lets you speak up your mind and pour out your heart without any inhibition. It helps you to deal manage negative thoughts and gain a new perspective.

The counseling sessions are more productive when both the partner take part in it. The partners become more aware of each other emotions, understand the underlying feelings, and help each other better.

Spend time with the partner

Spend time with the partner

You need to develop intimacy with your partner. It has to be with small meetings every day to discuss the affairs of the day. Take time out to listen to each other. Take tea or dinner together, if it is not possible to take lunch together. And take some time off to visit a nearby hill station or spend the entire day in a remote resort. The increased intimacy will help you build up tension, giving a hard erection when the need arises.


Take Small steps to maintain a healthy body and relaxed mind helps in getting an erection with arousal for men. Try new ways to stimulate each other and increase intimacy to get the arousal for a satisfactorily intimate session.





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