Drafting Defense/Special Teams

Drafting Defense/Special Teams

Aug 24, 2016, 5:49:10 PM Sport

Finding a defense/special teams in fantasy football can be tough to do, but you need to relax and let one fall to you as hard as that may be to do. Every league has that player that will jump up and take the Denver Broncos defense in the 5th or 6th round because they remember their Super Bowl performance. Someone may counter and take the Carolina Panthers defense  or the Seattle Seahawks defense, but the run should slow down quickly as there are better players on the board than taking a defense at that time. Players like tight end Ladrius Green of the Pittsburgh Steelers along with quarterbacks Ryan Tannehill, Ryan Fitzpatrick and jay Cutler as well as wide receiver Steve Smith are ranked in the same area as these three defenses are.  It's true that you'll miss out on the top defenses. but you'll be able to add depth to your roster and don't forget there are 32 teams in the NFL. Don't get me wrong it's nice to have what you think is the best defense for your league, but how sure are you that you got the best one. In my league last season the Kansas City Chiefs where the highest scoring defense for the season.  Even coming off the top scoring season Kansas City is the 11th ranked defense coming into this season. Now Carolina scored well do to turnovers as they led the league in interceptions and finished 2nd in fumbles recovered. With Josh Norman leaving in free agency will they lead the league in interceptions again? Just to fill it out the Washington Redskins led the league in fumbles recovered last season. Part of the reason the Chiefs led all defenses in scoring was they had 6 defenses touchdowns to tie for the league lead with the Arizona Cardinals. Don't forget that special teams will also factor into this pick. The Oakland Raiders and the Baltimore Ravens blocked 5 kicks last season and the Raiders led the league in return yardage. The Minnesota Vikings where the league leader in kick return touchdowns with 3. Now depending on the size of your fantasy league you'll have those players that just wait until the end of the draft and pick from whatever defenses are left. Again this strategy REALLY depends on the size of your league. If there's just 10 or 12 of you in the league then you're looking at a team like the Chiefs, Buffalo Bills or the Cincinnati Bengals as your defense. Now if you're in a 20 team league like I am you could be looking at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Detroit Lions as your starting defense.  Can you win the league with one of these two as your starting defense; of course, but remember if you wait that long in a big league you might only get one defense and you'll have another issue come the teams bye week. There are some teams at the bottom of the rankings that could be better than what they're predicted to be, but it depends what you believe. The Dallas Cowboys are coming in around the 27th spot in most pre-season rankings. Now they do seem to always lose guys to suspensions, but if they run the football enough there defense will get enough rest and will probably be better than 27th when it's all said and done. The Tennessee Titans are right there by the Cowboys being ranked 28th. Tennessee is a young improving team and if DeMarco Murray helps out the ground game the defense can spend more time on the sidelines and be ready to go when called upon. The San Diego Chargers are being ranked right around the 29th position. Now you have to figure if the Chargers can just stay healthy the defense will be better than this. The loss of Eric Weddle at safety will hurt, but having a completely healthy defensive backfield can help make up for this loss. Finally this is local for me since I live in the Chicago area, but the Chicago Bears are being ranked right around 30th. Now John Fox is a defensive coach and I've heard that he'll improve the defense because of that. They seem to have better players for the 3-4 defense they'd like to play; so that may help them a little bit. Now don't expect any of these 4 teams to end the season as the #1 defense, but they all have a chance to be much better than where you'll be drafting them at. While I wouldn't really call a defense a steal, but if you can find one later in the draft you can build the rest of your team up and have a better chance of winning your league. 

What's your strategy for drafting a Defense/Special Teams. Feel free to leave your comments and thanks for reading. 


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