Thursday night in review

Thursday night in review

Oct 14, 2016, 6:40:29 PM Sport

Week 6 kicked off with the San Diego Chargers beating the Denver Broncos 21-13. Now the game didn't go as I thought it would. I had the Broncos winning the game; so I'm interested to see how my individual player picks worked out. As always I'll use the scoring system from my 20-team Yahoo league, It is customized for that league, but it's close to what these players should've scored for you.


Trevor Siemian was returning from injury and I thought it would be best to SIT him. He threw for 230 yards and a touchdown while running the football 1 time for 1 yard and was sacked 2 times. He scored 9.95 fantasy points. I hope you had another quarterback option and where able to keep Siemian on the bench where he belonged.

Philip Rivers put up 8.56 fantasy points last night. I thought Rivers would be a good START, but I was way off here. He threw for just 178 yards, but did throw a touchdown pass. Rivers was also sacked 2 times to lose some points. Hopefully you went a different way.

Running Back:

C.J. Anderson only carried the football 10 times for 37 yards as the Broncos where playing from behind. Anderson did catch 4 passes for 34 yards on the night. Anderson scored 12.60 fantasy points which isn't what you'd want out of a #1 running back. I had Anderson as a START and that was the wrong way to go.

Melvin Gordon had 27 carries for 94 yards as he was the workhorse in the Chargers backfield. Gordon was targeted 2 times in the passing game, but didn't catch either of them as he's not a big factor through the air. Gordon ended up scoring 16.15 fantasy points which makes this a tough call to make. I had Gordon as a START and I think his point total is good enough for you to have started him.

Wide Receiver:

Demaryius Thomas caught 5 passes for 35 yards and lost a fumble during the game. Thomas put up just 5.25 fantasy points; one of the lowest totals I've seen out of Thomas. I had him as a SIT last night, but I didn't think his point total would be so low.

Emmanuel Sanders didn't do much better for the Broncos. Sanders caught 4 passes for 40 yards and put up 7 fantasy points last night. Sanders generally works well in this offense with Siemian, but not last night. I had Sanders as a START and was off here as well.

I'm not sold on Travis Benjamin being a #1 receiver and he wasn't last night. Benjamin caught 3 passes  for 17 yards and lost a fumble last night. Benjamin ended the game with 1.95 fantasy points. I had him as a SIT and I hope you did as well.

Tyrell Williams looked like an up and coming fantasy receiver, but not last night. Williams was the Chargers leading wide receiver grabbing 3 catches for 28 yards and putting up 5.05 fantasy points. Williams was another SIT for me last night and that what he should've been for you.

Now I liked Dontrelle Inman last night and had him as a START. That would've gotten me all of 1.85 fantasy points; OUCH! Inman caught just 1 pass in the game for 11 yards. Maybe that connection with Rivers isn't there.

Tight End:

Virgil Green was returning from a calf injury and he hasn't done much even when healthy. He was an easy SIT for me last night and I hope you didn't have to use him. Green did catch 3 passes for 21 yards and scored 4.35 fantasy points in the game, but that's not going to help you win your week.

John Phillips was getting some goal line targets in the Denver offense;  so I threw him on here, but had him as a SIT. Phillips did catch 3 passes for 31 yards and scored 5.35 fantasy points. If you played Phillips you where hoping for a touchdown; so I hope you had another option.

Antonio Gates is one of the best tight ends to ever play football. I wasn't sold on Gates this week and had him as a SIT. Gates was targeted 6 times by Rivers, but caught just 2 of those passes for 16 yards. Gates put up 3.10 fantasy points and isn't the guy you play every week no matter what anymore.

The only receiver worth having in this game was Hunter Henry and I had him as a SIT. Henry caught 6 passes for 83 yards and a touchdown. Henry doubled every other receiver in this game with 18.80 fantasy points. I hope Henry was the one guy you used.

Defense/Special Teams:

Remember when Denver was one of the best defenses in the NFL. I think it was just a few weeks ago, but I don't know where they went. I thought they would be a top START this week, but that didn't work out for me. Denver put up 11.02 fantasy points last night and I think that might cost some people games this week.

San Diego had a better night than Denver did. The Chargers Defense/Special Teams scored 15.10 fantasy points last night. I had San Diego as a SIT, but depending on how the rest of the week goes you might be able to start a Defense/Special Teams with this point total. I'm going to mark this one against me.

It looks like I got 9 right and 6 wrong. That's not to bad, but I'd like to do a lot better. I hope you where on the right side of these picks last night in what turned out to be a tough game to handicap. Good luck with the rest of Week 6.

Thanks for taking the time to stop be and read this.   

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