Yes I had a draft on Labor Day

Yes I had a draft on Labor Day

Sep 6, 2016, 5:43:06 PM Sport

So early Labor Day morning I had my 3rd draft in 4 days. This was a 16 team snake style draft. What makes this draft a little different is I co-manager this team with a good friend of mine and this is also the only team I spend money on to get into the league. As the season goes on I'll start to refer to this league as my "money league' since I paid to get in the league.

We where drafting 11th out of 16. Here's how the team ended up turning out.

1st round Jordy Nelson wide receiver Green Bay Packers

2nd round Dez Bryant wide receiver Dallas Cowboys

3rd round Jeremy Maclin wide receiver Kansas City Chiefs

4th round Travis Kelce tight end Kansas City Chiefs

5th round Jeremy Hill running back Cincinnati Bengals

6th round Phillip Rivers quarterback San Diego Chargers

7th round Michael Thomas wide receiver New Orleans Saints

8th round Devin Funchess wide receiver Carolina Panthers

9th round Chris Ivory running back Jacksonville Jaquars

10th round Jared Cook tight end Green Bay Packers

11th round Alex Smith quarterback Kansas City Chiefs

12th round Tajae Sharpe wide receiver Tennessee Titans

13th round Steven Hauschka kicker Seattle Seahawks

14th round Washington Redskins Defense/Special Teams

Overall I think we did pretty well with this draft, but you never really know until the season gets going. As you can tell by looking at this draft we went wide receiver heavy, but my co-manager was convinced that was the position to stack up on. I'm done drafting for the year and now I'm waiting for the season to start Thursday night.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my draft. If you have fantasy football questions feel free to leave them for me or just post your roster; so I can compare it to mine.

Good luck

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