The Journey To Being A Better Programmer

The Journey To Being A Better Programmer

Jul 7, 2016, 3:14:05 AM Tech and Science

If you are a programmer, hates math, or thinks school is a b*itch, I'm sure you can relate in one or two of what I'll write about in this article. I'll talk about some of my experiences as a Computer Science student and what I plan to be a better programmer.


Steve Buscemi is confused with calculus too.

First of all, I'm not saying school sucks in a"sch0ol sux" way or anything similar that people think makes them cool. I'm saying it sucks because most of the time, it makes me feel like I'm there just for the degree (which is true for the most part). Of course, the blame is still on me. I admit, I'm a lazy bloke; more than three years in college and I can count in one hand the times I didn't cram and actually did my responsibilities in time.

History, Trigonometry, Calculus, *insert more math here*, I never really put much effort on these subjects because, let's be honest, I can put less effort in pulling a truck and actually move it than actually understand integrals(?) or even the meaning of calculus (seriosly wtf is that for). Enough with the exaggeration, no offense to those who actually know their maths -- I envy you.


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However, I mentioned that there are couple of times that I did not cram  with school work and unsurprisingly, it is with programming projects. Yes, it still has maths...and logic which I kind of enjoy, but the great thing about programming, to name a few, is creating something from scratch, making something useful and convenient (especially for people like me who spend a lot of time on the computer), and, one of the few fun things I find in programming classes, is seeing who can create the better program among your friends in the class.  Not to show who's better but for the "Aaaaaahhh" moments you get when someone did a better algorithm/logic that you didn't think of. Of course if you did the best one among you're friends it still feels a lot better.


Computer Science and Programming

Most people (that I know of) are not aware or at least do not emphasize enough that Computer Science and programming are two completely (maybe not completely) different things but I've seen people that are more inclined on one than the other, and in my case, being currently on bad terms with math, I'm more on the programming side.


I'm not, by any means, a great programmer (hence the title) but I've certainly seen worse. However, if I compare myself to actual great and talented people, those who have the same or even less experience than me but have a real and deep understanding of theories and algorithms, I feel motivated to enhance my knowledge and myself as a whole.


My projects blog: Warpideas

Now, this "journey" is not anything grand. Basically, for starters, I have started a blog where I would post my personal programming projects including it's progress. The goal of these projects, other than its functionality (varies depending on the program), is to discover and learn more of the tools that I've set to use throughout the development.

GSMonitor UI concept

Currently, I've started development of a small desktop application called GSmonitor , in which I'll be using Java, along with other tools that I have little to no idea of, such as JavaFX, which can go hand in hand with CSS and FXML.

If you are interested about the project or just generally curious, you can find more information in my projects blog:


What about you? Even if you're not a programmer; maybe you love photography, singing, eating fire, etc. What plans do you have to be better at things that you love/good at?


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