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I’m John and this is my site. OrdinaryGuyFitness is about exactly what it says in the title. It is here to help, advise, educate and hopefully entertain ordinary guys and girls on subjects such as Health, Fitness, training, diet and eating habits. It is my opinion that there is a gap in this sector for advice that really helps normal people live a healthier, fitter and stronger life WITHOUT having to give up their life.

We all lead incredibly busy and often stressful lives in the modern world. We have work, kids,  money issues, relationships to deal with and generally are all short of time. Not only that but we like to have some fun now and again when we get the chance and if you are anything like me that fun often involves good food and normally a few drinks.

Much of the health and fitness industry, diet industry and health sector generally take a very draconian, hardline view of what you should and shouldn’t do. Not only that but the advice tends to be given by fitness, training or diet experts who are in their 20’s or 30’s, have a background in the fitness sector and have totally unrealistic toned, buffed, muscular, sun tanned bodies, perfect teeth and great smiles. They just aren’t like the rest of us. As a result most of us, who come in all shapes and sizes, with lumps, bumps, injuries and those busy lives that I already mentioned are intimidated from the outset and just don’t really believe that we can achieve what we are being told by the “Adonis” on the book cover or in the Video.

My aim is to change that. I want to give advice, tips and instruction that you CAN fit into your normal life, that WILL make improvements in your health, fitness and shape and that CAN be done by any normal person.

So who am I and what right do I have to make these claims. I am very much an ordinary guy. I’m just about to turn 47 years old in early April. I’m married with two school age sons, i have an ordinary, boring, office based job and I have no background in the Health or Fitness industry.

So why the hell should you listen to me? Well I am a sports, fitness and Gym fanatic and have been on and off for 30+ years. Over that period I have spent huge amounts of time doing various forms of training and as I’ve got older and especially over the last 5 years I have read, researched and bought more online courses and instruction manuals than is healthy for my bank balance. Not only have i read them but I have tried most of them and i know what works, what doesn’t and most importantly how to make the changes and take the actions that WILL help an ordinary person become a fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier version of themselves AND still allow them to enjoy their lives, have fun and have a few beers now and then.

I hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to add comments, tell me what is good but importantly also what is bad.

Have Fun,


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