Best Organic Lipsticks & moisturizer 2021

Best Organic Lipsticks & moisturizer 2021

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Best Organic Lipsticks

Made with organic and all-natural ingredients,  Best Organic Lipsticks is probably the most secretive thing in the organic makeup industry. This lipstick is vegan, gluten-free, abuse-free, and GMO-free. Also, artificial colors and preservatives are not available. Made from antioxidant-rich ingredients in the United States, it moisturizes, nourishes, and heals lips.

Examples of these powerful ingredients are coconut oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil. Matte lipsticks tend to make your lips feel very dry and heavy, but adding oil keeps your lips moisturized and healthy while you put them on.

The danger of "unnatural" lipstick

Heavy metal

Many popular brands of unnatural lipsticks contain many worrying levels of heavy metals. According to a study conducted at the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health, they tested 32 lipsticks and lip glosses containing heavy metals such as chromium, lead, cadmium, manganese, and aluminum.

Chromium-A well-known human carcinogen associated with gastric cancer and tumors. Lead: An unrestricted neurotoxin and hormonal disruptor that is safe for the human body. Cadmium: Cumulative exposure to our body can cause liver damage and bone brittleness. Manganese-Too much of this metal can cause symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Aluminum-a well-known neurotoxin and carcinogen. The FDA has set "safe" limits on these heavy metals, but research may be flawed. They also do not consider how cumulative exposure to these heavy metals in cosmetological products affects the human body in the long run, what are the most important aspects? This is very worrisome about lipstick wear, as most women reapply lipstick at least twice a day. Throughout life, it is the accumulation of large amounts of heavy metals in the human body.

Other ingredients to consider

Heavy metals in your lipstick are not the only toxic ingredients you need to worry about. Below are some of the other chemical and toxic ingredients found in traditional lipsticks that can be harmful to the human body. It's by no means a complete list, and those flashy lipstick tubes harbor more worrying ingredients. Phthalates and synthetic fragrances

Absolutely avoid both ingredients. Fragrances are a place where many companies can hide their long list of chemicals and artificial ingredients. Companies do not need to disclose what is included in the term "fragrance". In addition, most odors are stabilized with phthalates. Phthalate esters are chemicals associated with reproductive problems and birth defects when tested in animals.

The best organic moisturizer for skin aging

The production of sebum and collagen becomes easier with age, and dry, dull skin appears to be an area for establishing more. But should it be? That's a big difference when you think of the incredibly fascinating and clean article in this summary.

In any case, the cream does more than just control dry spots. The way water acts on the skin is very beneficial to the epidermis and dermis (the inner and outer layers of skin cells). These are probably the most basic effects that cream has on any skin type at any stage of life.

Some Benefits of Moisturizers Against Skin Aging

Promotes the onset of small differences and twists

Reduces the presence of redness and exacerbations.

Avoid dry fixes and stains 

Increases collagen production and diversity

Can stimulate sebum balance (oil management)

Makes your skin look healthy, firm, and youthful.

 Consider applying certain cosmetics

 These are the essential benefits of the best organic moisturizer for skin aging the face daily with natural lotions. In any case, each recipe is unique and may include other anti-aging benefits such as cancer prevention insurance and vitamin E.

Methylparaben and propylparaben

These are parabens used as preservatives in many cosmetics, including lipsticks. The scary thing is that these ingredients are still available in the United States, but have been shown to be toxic to the human body and are banned throughout the EU.

How to find a safe lipstick

Here are some tricks to make it easier to find new natural lipsticks. Many brands claim that they are natural or "use natural ingredients." But this does not mean that they are really natural. They can still load chemicals and toxic ingredients. Cosmetics are not fully regulated, so cosmetic companies do not need to fully disclose what is contained in their products.

In other words, companies can claim to use "natural ingredients" simply by using naturally derived ingredients such as jojoba oil in their products. Of course, this does not mean that the product is safe or natural.

Final thought

Read the ingredient list and be aware of any of the above ingredients commonly found Best Organic lipsticks. Some natural and organic brands may use ingredients that you don't want your body to use. If you can't pronounce the ingredient or don't know what it is, but the lipstick down and find another option. close

Often, a long list of ingredients is also a red flag, and all of those ingredients are unnecessary. Try to find lipstick and lip gloss with as few ingredients as possible.

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