Advice On Promotional Advertising Video As Commercial Video Production

A promotional video is an audiovisual resource used by companies and brands to publicize their aspect, product, or service. For this, professionals and work teams from the audiovisual world are used. This is also a way of making money in the video production word.

If you are interested in the world of commercials, do not hesitate to read this article to find out what the production of promotional advertising videos is like.

What Are Promotional Videos, And What Are They Produced For?

As we have already indicated, the purpose of making promotional videos is to advertise a product, service, or even just the brand or company or even for commercial video production purpose so that viewers know, want, and take into account what they are seeing. It is not, neither more nor less, that another way to sell, and an effective one. Everything we buy has to enter us through the eyes. It has always been that way and always will be. For this reason, promotional audiovisuals are usually one of the most effective resources when it comes to getting clients.

How Are They Produced?

In the production of promotional advertising videos for commercial video production, three stages or phases are usually distinguished.


The preproduction is to get all those elements and details that allow a recording to go smoothly -literal shot and metaphorically talking.

This includes being clear about what we are going to advertise, what we are going to sell, and what message we will use for it.

The next thing will be to introduce that message in an exciting story for the target audience. Ideally, some point of this aspect is recorded in the memory of those who see the advertisement, a phrase, a joke, an image, the presentation of the message itself, etc.

Knowing these data and based on the budget, we must create a script covering at least 20 seconds of recording, which is used in the most common advertising videos. In this case, it will not be a long script but the essential dialogues and some sketches with notes.

Now is the time to get actors, film crew, additional professionals (makeup artists, hairdressers, etc.), and a place to film (recording in public requires your permission).

Advertising Videos For Companies


Once each professional's functions have been clarified, the points detailed, and doubts resolved, it will be time to take action.

The recording equipment, the sound equipment, and the lighting equipment are placed in their respective audiovisual production and production materials. The actors, for their part, once characterized by the aesthetic staff, will also have their brands to work on. When everyone is ready, the filming begins. It is suitable to get shots from different angles and some additional sequences from which you can get material if needed.


Video postproduction involves assembling and editing audiovisual content. It involves making sound arrangements, adding voice-overs, if there is one, music or other sound effects. Visual effects are also added, and sequences are improved, selecting shots from one plane or another, wipes, text screens, etc., are added.

Of course, always make sure that your message is clear and is expressed in all possible ways. Use bookending, slogans, and reminders that make the viewer constantly aware of what is being sold or advertised.

At this point, it only remains to place your promotional advertising video in the most appropriate advertising spaces on television as well as on other social platforms, of course, making sure before the audiovisual production company has done the job you wanted.

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