Common signs your child isn't happy at the daycare!

Common signs your child isn't happy at the daycare!

Feb 19, 2021, 4:38:48 AM News

We asked all the parents what they want the most for their child. The most common answer was their happiness! So, when the kid’s happiness and smile is so precious to you, how can you enrol your child in a childcare centre and forget if he or she is happy out there or not? Well, when such a question is asked, we often get  common excuses – like -- it is normal for the child to cry when you are sending the little one for the first time to the childcare centre. Agreed! But this should only be limited to just a month or two at the most. Don't you think there's something fishy when the child still shows some irregular behaviour after going to the childcare centre for say, 6 months? And if you are still not sure if your child is happy at the centre or not, then we have brought some very important signs that you should start noticing in your kid if the little one is going to a childcare centre.


Ø  Common signs to look for to know whether the little one happy is with the daycare you chose!


Normally, when you are opting for the best childcare centres in Melbourne like Kids & Co, they take it as their responsibility to make the kid friendly with them and love the place. Their experienced staff and caring teachers love and care for your child as you do and the kids feel safe, comfortable, and happy after they enter the childcare centre. But this may not always be the case. Sometimes the children aren’t too happy even in a good childcare and you can find out this problem if you keep your eyes open.


o   They are crying uncontrollably during the drop off time — Normally, the flood of tears is okay and acceptable for a week or two when your kid is new to childcare. After a month or so, that kid should love entering the place and bid you goodbye happily. But if you see that the waterworks start the moment you are talking about childcare or the kid is driven or taken to the place, and it has been quite some time, then look into the matter. Discuss with the child and cajole the little one to let you know why the baby is feeling so terrible at the thought of entering childcare. Maybe your child is too psychologically attached to you or there can be some issues in the childcare. It is your duty as a parent to know what the exact matter is and help your kid accordingly.


o   The kid is weirdly silent at home — A new child admitted to a childcare being silent in the start is normal. But if the baby is also weirdly quiet at home too, then maybe the little one took this phase too sensitively and needs double care and attention. But sometimes even after six months of admission, the child is very quiet and withdrawn at home. If this is the issue, we request you not to take this as a new normal habit of the child and look into this matter seriously. It can be a deep emotional and adjustment issue and your child may actually be very sad and tense inside.


o   Improper sleep patterns — A healthy sleep pattern is a clear sign of a happy and healthy child. But most children do show irregular sleep patterns after they are admitted to a childcare. Mostly, it’s because they have to adjust to the new timings of childcare. But even this should wear off in some time. And if you notice that the kid still doesn’t sleep till late and wakes up early and sleeps at weird hours during the day, then the child is maybe thinking too much and there might be a problem with the childcare.


o   Frequent bad dreams — The innocent little kids give away all their sweet secrets when they are sleeping. Some murmur in sleep and others blurt them out when they are just awakened. Similarly, if a child is having some issues in childcare, you will know about the same if the little one is having lots of bad dreams. They wake up crying in the middle of the night and are talking about the problems in childcare. You have to be very sharp to notice what the issue is and what the child is murmuring when you are waking the kid up.


These are very important signs that point out that the childcare you chose for the kid may not be that good after all. Or maybe your child is too sensitive and requires some psychological help to adjust to the new atmosphere. Apart from these, check if the child is too cranky or clingy at home and shows improper meal patterns as well. We just hope that you get this matter sorted out soon and see the little one happy and chirpy as before.

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