“5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Started…Behind the Curtains of a Rebel Overachiever”

“5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Started…Behind the Curtains of a Rebel Overachiever”

Sep 21, 2018, 3:52:33 PM Life and Styles

What’s your backstory?


I grew up achieving and achieving – did well in sports, academics, and extra curricular—and had the best, most hardworking parents anyone could ask for. I always held myself to a different kind of standards, and because of this, I had always been ahead of my age.

I started “rebelling” after 19, after college, when I could not keep a job because everything irked me: the office politics, the dress code, the fact that I had to come on time. So I started freelance writing, and built a few businesses along the way. Until the found the first two I stayed with – a flowers/ gift shop and an Events and PR Company. These are my two oldest businesses, and I just kept expanding and diversifying since.

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Started

  1. There’s no shame in starting small.  A lot of people think about expansion, visual branding, and other promotional campaigns before they even crunch their numbers to determine their break-even point or advertising budget. I made these mistakes too, until I got drained by all the overthinking and just focused on customer acquisition and service delivery. A business at to its most basic core. I started small, and finally was okay with it. That was it.

  2. You will fail..a lot. I’d fail in a new business, I’d also fail in some projects for my long-time business. The thing is, you really cannot avoid failure. The sooner I accepted this, the faster I was at looking for solutions, and the faster I became at moving on to the next item of concern.

  3. Sometimes you only have yourself. I have experienced being the last one to clean the office, to have to fly to a meeting, to pay off damages, and other similar instances where I literally could not depend on anyone to help me. And that was okay. In business, as the owner, there will be times when the only person you have is yourself. So always build yourself up and know that you are enough. This also lessens overdependence on staff and it keeps you up to date with your company’s operations, no matter how big you become.

  4. Keep doing good work, and don’t be ashamed to talk about it. Some people celebrate humility in such a way that they feel like talking about your results is dirty. It’s not dirty. We all deserve  to talk about our wins and our results. So keep doing good work, and don’t be shy to show the world how good you are…just be careful to not cross the line where it gets annoying.


You are stronger than you think. There are times when we forget to give ourselves credit for being how strong we are. But I already said that we fail a lot, we make mistakes, and sometimes, we even have to deal with a family tragedy. That said, it’s fascinating how most people really still pull themselves through and continue building their business. This happened to me, twice, and I realized that I truly am stronger than I think.

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