7 Differences Between the Motor Scooter and the Adult Electric Scooter

7 Differences Between the Motor Scooter and the Adult Electric Scooter

Jun 27, 2019, 3:45:25 PM Life and Styles

Comparing motor scooters with electric scooters seems pointless when considering only the functioning thereof. Motor scooters and electric scooters aren’t usually compared with one another, as motor scooters are usually more likely to be compared to motorcycles.

With the introduction of the electronic motor scooter, however, it makes more sense to consider the differences between the two.

Firstly, motor scooters were designed to work the same way as a regular motorcycle or car does. It has an engine, just like motorcycles and motor vehicles, and operates just about the same way.

What is the Difference Between a Motor Scooter and an Adult Electric Scooter?

Motor scooters are a means of transportation that can often be mistaken for the traditional kick scooter. It is a type of motorcycle-based vehicle with a step-through platform and frame that allows the rider thereof to rest his/ her feet. 

Scooters were first designed all the way back in 1914 and just like any other vehicle, evolved into what it is today, the motor scooter, otherwise known as a Vespa or Lambretta, which was designed in Italy.

Motor scooters are a European inspired mode of transport and were first designed to offer an economical personal means of transportation. These scooters serve as a popular type of transportation as it is a lot more affordable, easily operable and serves as a convenient manner to get around.

Compared to the adult electric scooter, motor scooters (Vespas) have been around for a much longer time and has set the bar for the introduction of related motor vehicles.

The adult electric scooter, however, didn’t particularly evolve from the popular Vespa, but rather the traditional scooter which was first designed for children. The idea of a scooter-inspired vehicle brought about the electric-powered kick scooter and then the electric bicycle, which has become a major trend in Asian countries in the 21st century.

Electric scooters and motor scooters have many differences but are also similar in the sense that it has the same manner of functioning today. Perhaps it operated differently before, but because motor scooters have recently been designed with an electric plug-in function, it now functions the same with a rechargeable battery.

Keeping this in mind, there are still a lot of differences between the two, and it’s not just its differences in appearance.

7 Notable Differences Between Motor Scooters and Adult Electric Scooters

  1. Appearance

Motor scooters look a lot more different than adult E-scooters. This is primarily because motor scooters look like motorcycles. It has a wider and lengthier body compared to the modern electric scooter, which is designed to be compact and the most popular ones, foldable. That is why adult electric scooters have become so popular. It is a means of transportation that can easily be folded up in a matter of seconds and can be carried from one place to another during stops. This difference makes the foldable electric scooter seem like a far more appealing option compared to the motor scooter, which must be left outside once you’ve reached your destination.

  1. Speed

The modern adult electric scooter cannot exceed 30 kilometers per hour, which makes it perfect for those who don't want to travel too far, but just want to travel from point A to point B or even C in the city they live in. E-scooters are thus, great for running errands and have also become a popular means of transportation to get you to work hassle-free. The motor scooter, on the other hand, was designed with a speed feature that leans more towards the motorcycle. Most motor scooters can travel up to 60-70 kilometers per hour, which allows riders to get to and from their destinations much faster than the E-scooter. When purchasing an E-scooter, it's important to keep in mind that not all E-scooter will be able to reach a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Some E-scooters only make it to 20-25 kilometers per hour.

  1. Comfort

Everyone can agree that motor scooters are far more comfortable than E-scooters. If you’re not a fan of standing upright while riding past cars through traffic or you prefer sitting down, then you should probably consider a motor scooter over an adult electric scooter. Motor scooters are also designed with a platform for riders to rest their legs on, while E-scooters requires you to stand while you ride.

  1. Cost

One of the biggest differences between a motor scooter and an adult electric scooter is the price difference. Considering that motor scooters are designed more like motorcycles and offer more comfort and speed than the foldable electric scooter, it makes sense that it would be far more expensive than E-scooters.

            The average price of a motor scooter is approximately $1,800 to $3,500.

E-scooters on the other hand, range between $500 and $1200, depending on the brand you choose to purchase from. For this reason alone, E-scooters serve as a much more preferred option among individuals. It is also observed that electric scooter for sale is trending across the globe.

  1. Traffic Convenience

It's the battle of the motor scooter and the E-scooter in traffic. Who will win? Well considering how compact the E-scooter is, it's no doubt that it will have a far easier time getting passed traffic, as it can also ride on sidewalks to get past traffic. As for a motor scooter, it is bound to the road only, which may give the E-scooter the upper hand to skip traffic altogether.

  1. Size

Again, E-scooters are much smaller in size compared to motor scooters, which are usually as big as motorcycles. This is due to the motor scooter having a seat, bigger wheels to support more weight and its passenger(s). Hence why E-scooters can get through traffic more easily than motor scooters.

  1. Effort and a Passenger Situation

If you’re looking for a means to get around by yourself, the E-scooter serves as a great option for you. However, riding an E-scooter takes a lot more effort than riding a motor scooter, where both you and your passenger can sit down. Since an E-scooter requires you to stand, you can’t lift a passenger on the E-scooter, unlike the motor scooter.



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