“All positions in life are temporary. That is hope for the poor and words of wisdom to the wealthy.”- Tiana Burse

“All positions in life are temporary. That is hope for the poor and words of wisdom to the wealthy.”- Tiana Burse

Sep 12, 2018, 4:12:31 PM Life and Styles

What’s your backstory?  


At the age of 21 I found myself as a college dropout and bankrupt. Literally, bankrupt. My car was in the process of being repossessed and I was advised to file bankruptcy and that’s exactly what I did. I remember thinking “how in the world am I going to pay my bills and what on earth could I possibly do without a college degree”. Luckily, I ended up meeting someone while working a minimum wage job who would become my mentor and he saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself at that time. You know, I was young and lacked direction. In fact, as I look back on that now I was pretty ignorant to business, success and life. So, what ended up happening was I quit my job and did exactly what my mentor advised. I didn’t sway away from what he said, I did it to the “T”.


Then the success became inverted meaning, I reached multiple six figures within months and of course because I had not experienced that level before I spent money on things that I look back at today and know that had I invested versus buy I would have millions of dollars in an investment account today. But, you can’t dwell on the past, you can only learn from it. Then something happened that, the market tanked and so did my business. I had my own Magazine, I built a book of business that allowed me to have massive leverage and within months of the market shifting I lost it all. I lost the home, the car, the loft and ended up living with my parents. But I didn’t allow that to stop me from making my next big career move. You see, I was strategic. I needed to find someone to pay me for my passions while I elevated my life. I looked at it as bridge income.


Income that would allow me flexibility but also something that would be a stepping stone to my next big move. So, what I did was during the time that I saw things tanking, I was in constant communication (and my follow-up on this was more than likely annoying because I was relentless) with the local newspaper editor. I knew I had writing skills and in fact, writing is one of my passions so I sent off several pieces to him and he finally gave me the chance to be a paid weekly columnist. Now, the income wasn’t that good, but I had little bills and it was enough to allow me to get by.


From there, the rest is history. I focused on Social Media, psychology, building my community and collaborating with people like Trent Shelton and Les Brown. You fast forward a few short years later, I am partnered with the largest Social Media platform in history and running not only my own brand but my company called District Media Press which is on track to a 7 figure income.


What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started”?


#1. I wish someone would have advised me to make better investments earlier in my entrepreneurial career and be diverse in what that looked like.


I look back on my 100k car I paid cash for and my 20k Rolex watch etc. and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with those things, had I been smart and put that in an investment account, today it would be worth a lot of money. In fact, when you generate income the key is to invest it and allow the interest to cover your lifestyle. I became aware of this fact after I blew my cash flow. In order to attain wealth, you must stalk money. I learned that from Tony Robbins himself.


#2. You will try many things and one day 1 idea will set you up for the rest of your life over a decade’s time.


I was never told that as an entrepreneur you will fail trying many things. Some things will work out and some things will not work out. As long as you keep moving at some point you will find that idea, that business, that zone of genius which will set you up for the rest of your life. I didn’t know any of this, so I felt like I was a failure at times because I tried so many things even within my company that just didn’t work out.


#3. All positions in life are temporary. That is hope for the poor and words of wisdom to the wealthy.


There are so many times on anyone’s journey, whether that journey be in life and/or business where you will be challenged with every fiber of your being, for me, I have experienced moments like this a few times. But throughout this process, I have always come out of any uncomfortable situation stronger, better mentally and even better financially. Just knowing that any position is temporary helps ease a worried mind.


#4. Trust your gut. It will always be accurate.


Ohhhhhh, this one!! There has been a hand full of situations that have transpired where my gut knew what decision I needed to make but because I had my emotions involved, I ignored my gut and every single time without exception, my gut was right. Ignoring that inner feeling caused many issues that could have been avoided professionally.


#5. Never make any decisions while your emotions are high.


I don’t want to sugar coat this because I believe it is important not too. As a woman in business, there are times where my emotions have the ability to get the best of me. However, I have learned that when emotions are high, do absolutely NOTHING. Sleep on the next move and allow 24 hours to set in before action is taken. This allows perspective to settle in, allows time for the emotions to subside which creates mental clarity in order for a accurate decision to be made

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