All you need to know about affiliate publisher and Types of publishers

All you need to know about affiliate publisher and Types of publishers

Mar 29, 2019, 10:29:24 PM Business

When you have just started understanding basic notions like Advertiser and Publisher, life has suddenly decided to play a trick and offers one more idea to learn - affiliate publisher. Actually, there so many variants which else publishers can also be and further classifications are so complicated and puzzling… We are going to discuss the most common variants that will help you build your strategy and where which player is responsible.


In common sense we can say that affiliate publisher is a company or private person that buy traffic for client and get commission from each conversion -  Its main task is to get clients for costs less than client is ready to pay and make money off the difference.

H2 Who can become an affiliate publisher?

There is nothing new. The same as typical publisher, an affiliate should possess his own website or blog. What is more, a good traffic near 1 000 visitors will be almost a must. Newbies in affiliate marketing can become a bit upset, but otherwise the system will not work.

H2 Joining networks

Being an affiliate by itself is rather complicated thing and mostly reminds direct advertising what is a bit different thing. Generally, affiliates enter a specific network. Due to some peculiarity of marketing role there is a lot of information provided by network. It is amazing to observe, that those who create ads or know how it happens, are also aware of trendy approaches. Everybody is sick and tired of reading long and boring manuals, nowadays webinars, workshops are popular.

H2 Types of publishers

To be honest, we wouldn’t like to overload you with details as main problem is that many marketers, many minds. However, some logic occur. Affiliate marketers and publishers appear in that directions where we see many people and conversions are concentrated.


One of vivid examples - cashback publishers who usually have private database. Such type of advertisers is smarty applicable to simple offers like “Free delivery”.


Affiliates from blogs and similar content. They are not extremely effective and mostly will suit to work with target audience. Their main aim is to work on brand awareness that also brings good results.

Bottom line

Actually, it is not so easy to name all types of affiliates, we stopped on some most prominent ideas for you to get the gist.


Affiliate market becomes more complicated and intricate, but publishers here should concentrate on personal treatment to effective results optimization and correct strategy.


We are all different and when we can get our wishes, opportunities and possibilities better it will certainly make a better world.


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