“Focus on what you’re good at instead of focusing on how to get better at things that you’re not good at”- Bobby Stocks

“Focus on what you’re good at instead of focusing on how to get better at things that you’re not good at”- Bobby Stocks

Dec 27, 2018, 6:24:33 PM Life and Styles

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why.


The first thing would be --- this is going to take longer than you think. The reason why it’s always good to have this idea is because when you look at business or opportunities or products that you’re going to try to sell and make money, it’s always best to look at it from a long term perspective. When you look at things from a long term perspective, you tend to make better decisions. You generate a better expectation. Unmet expectations are typically the biggest demotivators. I quit my job as a chef in 2012, there were so many different levels of expectations I was putting on like first it was I wanna make as much money I was making as a chef.


Then I wanna make more than that or I wanna have more time. I think a lot of the struggle that I had was trying to get things done quickly so that I could get to that imaginary point of success that I had in my mind. And I wasn’t looking at what do I wanna build over the next 5 years. Now, I look at opportunities as what’s this gonna look like years from now. When I do that, it takes a lot of the emotion out of like I need this to look like this way next week. And there’s some difficulty around that like it’s much easier to do that when you have a lot of money coming in obviously. But if I would have done that even when I was starting out, I certainly would have made better decisions.


Second thing would be --- somebody just said, keep it simple. Everything can be far simpler than what we think and get just as good results and that’s just like a blanket statement. I once spent 5 days building a landing page like a website...I spent days on the copywriting, I spent days on the design and the pictures and making sure everything was on the right space and it looks completely beautiful...I spent all this time on this page and it didn’t convert. Nobody signed up, I didn’t get one opt-in. I remember bringing the page to a mentor of mine and saying this isn’t working...what’s wrong with the page --- he said remove everything except having a white page with a headline and a sign up button.


He told me to delete a week’s worth of work and I only have a white page with a short headline and a sign up button. And it was converting like 30%. What I learned was, always start with the basic most simplest form and then build along from that. Like if I design a page, I start out with a couple of simple colors and headline and that’s it. And I add things to it as I go and then I can see the either positive or negative effects as I add one item at a time. I see a lot of people do this with their businesses and services. They add all these complexities, all these different stuff they wanna put into it and they waste all this time and then it doesn’t work and they don’t know why it doesn’t work? Because they’ve added so many different things, there’s no way for them to actually know which those things they added is not working.


It’s better to start as simple as possible, get the simple thing working and then add things. It’s a great de-motivator when you spent much time and you think it looks great but it doesn’t work. It’s like you’re all dressed up in middle school but no one dances with you.


Third thing would be --- focus on what you’re good at instead of focusing on how to get better at things that you’re not good at --- the month that I had my biggest sales breakthrough was when I stopped doing sales. My strong point isn’t sales and for a number of years I spent tons of money trying to learn how to be a better salesperson. I’ve read books...I’ve got courses from Grant Cardone...When I’ve finally realized, that I was wasting time trying to become a better salesperson, trying to get better at something that I’m not naturally good at, and I instead hired somebody who is a natural salesperson --- the next month we earned $30,000.


And I haven’t taken a sales call in over 2 years. I would have been much better off years ago trying to get someone to do the sales than wasting time and money trying to learn it myself.


Fourth thing would be --- save your money. When things start to work well, when your business starts to pick up or your income starts to come in...what most people do is that instead of focusing on what they’re doing right now that is actually generating income, they start investing in newer ideas or newer trainings. There needs to be a balance. What successful entrepreneurs do is that once they have something that is working, all they do is they try to sell as much of that as possible. If they are able to sell that for two years straight without having to change it much, then that’s what they do.


Once it starts to not work that’s when they invest or change. People that have these quick rises, their business will start doing really well, and then they’ll dump all these money and stuff. What happens is, now that they’ve taken their focus off of what generated the income, the income drops and then they find themselves in a worst situation because they’ve spend all their money and then their income just stopped and they go broke. In my contracting business as soon as I’m having success, I added a new product, a new offering to the business...something that I have never sold before and I never had a warehouse...and we never sold one thing.


Now I have a warehouse with the intentions of selling these stuff, we never sold a dime and we ended up losing a ton of money. Doubling down on what was working instead of adding stuff that won’t work


Fifth one - partnerships are key to moving fast. Successful businesses do 5 or 6 things very well. Most individuals typically can only do 2 of those things very well. My business is growing so quickly...basically in 2 years I went from $5k a month, to last month and a month before that we made close to a half a million dollars.


And the reason it’s moving very quickly is because I don’t try to do everything with myself and I partner with people who are good at other part of the 6 business disciplines. As of this time, I have 5 main partnerships which equate to 5 different businesses. And all 5 businesses profit off each other

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