Jared Maples – Experience over Formal Education

Jared Maples – Experience over Formal Education

Oct 29, 2019, 4:01:47 AM Life and Styles

Jared Maples is an uprising entrepreneur who is known for some of his wise but controversial beliefs that he stated in the past. His success is something that should serve as motivation for many, and his story is definitely an inspiring one. 


One of the most famous debates in recent years has been School vs Experience, which questions the reliability of formal education compared to the real-life applicable experience that you can learn first-hand if you dive straight into the business world. To many people, this is something that makes a lot of sense, but for others it looks like a “wild shot” that might or might not bring you the success you’ve always wanted. Regardless of what others think, Jared is someone who managed to stand by his words and prove others that his theory is true and that experience is indeed a lot more valuable than a diploma. 


According to many successful entrepreneurs such as Gary Vee, as well as Jared Maples, the school system is not nearly as close to what it was a few years ago, and when it comes to learning and self-improvement, the internet has a lot larger impact on this entire situation. There are many examples of self-made successful people who learned everything by themselves and by reading books and studies on the internet. Although he’s not neglecting the importance of school, Jared believes that you can be twice as successful if you focused on gaining experience instead. This might sound a little “fishy” when it comes from someone else, but Jared is a college dropout himself and the amount of success he achieved in his life is tremendous. 


Jared gave a really great example about where formal knowledge can take place, and his example was about a heart surgeon that has to read a lot of books about medicine rather than watch YouTube videos about how to perform a heart surgery. It’s a silly example, but you can get a glimpse of what Jared Maples is trying to say with it. A combination of both would be also a great way, but focusing only on school might turn you more into a robot rather than an experienced person who knows what they’re doing in life. 


It’s true what Jared is saying about the Internet changing up the entire education game, and a lot of people nowadays, especially students, are self-improving by watching other experienced individuals do the type of work they’re good at. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about graphics design, entrepreneurship or digital marketing, if you are willing to learn it, you can do it on your own. Practice makes perfect, and errors mean experience and insight, and that’s something that books are not able to help you with. 


Sadly, people who grow up with technology will never understand how much of a difference it makes, which is why older generations are so surprised about millennials not really caring about learning as much as they can throughout their lives. Information has never been easier to obtain nowadays, and Jared wants to raise awareness about the Internet and how it allows you to be anything that you’ve ever wanted nowadays.

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