“No matter how good you get at something, there is always someone better than you”- Nicholas Ayers

“No matter how good you get at something, there is always someone better than you”- Nicholas Ayers

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What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why.

1) Your mindset matters

When I first started in business I would scoff at mindset training and gurus. I just wanted “the blueprints”. Show me what works and I can replicate it. I didn’t prioritize the mindset shifts that were required to maintain certain levels of success.

2) Profit First

As I sought to train my team and those who would serve around me, it was important to understand just how important it was to prioritize profitability in my company. My eyes get big when I see something that can help my goals, or I at least imagine can. But if it gets in the way of being profitable, then I have to remain steadfast and patient.

When I first opened my business, I never made the business of making a profit a key component to my business. I was in debt, making promises to my team which I was fortunate to meet every time, but when it came around to me, the owner, I neglected myself when I shouldn’t have been in that position to begin with.

3) The Experience matters most

It took me some time to really grasp this. It sounds so simple that it often gets overlooked. But if we do not prioritize the experiences of our clients, or our team, then soon, we will have neither.

4) Never assume you’ve arrived

No matter how good you get at something, there is always someone better than you. And by remaining humble, you can grow when you seek out their guidance. For me I had to do this when it came to my skills as a marketer. I had gotten as far as I could possibly go. I needed new circles, and new mentors that would allow me to grow even faster. It was easy for me to be “king of my hill”, but being a big fish in a small pond is not what I wanted. If I was going to be a whale in an ocean, I needed to surround myself early on with teachers and coaches.

5) Find your team

The fastest way to fail, is by talking on every aspect of your business. In order to grow, you need to surround yourself with a team of people who are better at a particular area than you are. This is hard when you’re starting out, but the faster you can delegate, the faster you will grow. For me, it was using local talent, as well as maximizing my profit by looking in areas of the world that would allow me to hire another person at a lower cost and provide better results. As soon as I did that, I was able to focus my time on the areas that mattered most.




As the middle child of a blended family that had 9 kids, Nicholas has to learn early on how to carve out any attention for himself. As a straight F student who spent more time working on witty one-liners and funny jokes than he did school work, he was passed through the system. Growing up in middle class, CA suburbia, he always dreamed of bigger opportunities, but felt as if he was limited with his lack of formal education.


In 1998 he took an interest in video content creation and editing, and began working as an intern for a media company doing Spanish public access television shoots. For the first time in his life, he enjoyed “learning” something new. He spent hours shooting and editing VHS footage and creating stories with content.


He would later make several attempts to gain entry level employment with every advertising agency he could find, only to be told he wasn’t going to be considered for a lack of education and experience.


In 2002, Nicholas left the comfort of home at 18 years of age and moved closer to the CA Bay Area. Looking for a job, he saw a local commercial printing house. He stepped in with a design portfolio in hand and asked to “speak to the owner”. The elderly gentleman told him that while he had no “graphic design” jobs open, he did have an opportunity at a sales position, and needing an income, Nicholas agreed. It was here in 2002 that he began his journey into sales and marketing.


Not long after those days in 2006, Nicholas left his job at the print house and took on a new adventure. Insurance. Lured away by the opportunities of “more income” as a mid 20’s male, Nicholas began selling insurance.


Nicholas relied on his background as a video marketer to stand out and generate more sales opportunities for himself. He quickly rose to the top of the ranks and was the top producing insurance agent in his entire northern California market. He attributed most of his success to his video marketing efforts online. This all changed when new leadership was appointed, and forced Nicholas to make a decision. Since the marketing was something they could not control, they forbid Nicholas from using the internet to generate his sales opportunities. Believing this to be a “bluff” Nicholas refused, and as a result, he was fired as the top sales agent in his company.


It was on that drive home, that he was filled with elements of shame and anger, that he vowed to never work for another person for as long as he lived.


This was his journey into entrepreneurship.


Taking what he knew about marketing and the insurance business, he opened a new scratch insurance agency. With 0 policies on the books, and $0 in the bank, he set out to build his business using the techniques and skills he had spend decades acquiring.


It did not take long until he was able to take a brand new business and turn it into a multiple 6-figure revenue company.


Nicholas uses the successes and lessons he’s learned over his 20+ year journey of video marketing and small business and he teaches others how they can replicate and scale new video marketing strategies in their business to generate more opportunities and sales.


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