Overcoming Depression, Betrayal and Hitting 7 Figures with Josue Arteaga

Overcoming Depression, Betrayal and Hitting 7 Figures with Josue Arteaga

Aug 3, 2019, 5:04:48 PM Life and Styles

When faced with hard times, most of us bury ourselves in sorrow and depression. Others are unable to deal with it and probably take their lives or go into drug abuse. In some rare cases, one survives but still keeps the scars. Josue Arteaga is an example of an individual who dealt with sad times, and something good came off it.

Arteaga is a 20-year-old seven-figure personal branding expert and venture capitalist. In 2019, he merged his branding business with Disrupt Media; thus he became the Vice President. Arteaga is disrupting personal branding through means like the press, podcasts, and social media. Arteaga came from nothing to being a millionaire by the time he turned 20 years old. All that while going through tough times. So how did he do it?


Dealing with Depressing Times


Tough times began for Arteaga when he was around 16 years of age. His mother had health issues and needed surgery. The problem was that his father could not help; he had just lost his job. It deeply hurt Arteaga and the fact that he was just a teenager at the time only made the situation worse for him. He knew he had to make a change. Using this situation as motivation, he started learning about articles, SEO, the website traffic, and converting clients from Neil Patel after school. 

Arteaga decided to go into business, but it was not about to get better for him. He started a job marketing for a local bar, but he did not bring in any client. Later the aspiring young entrepreneur switched to selling his friend's empty garage and barbershop walls as advertising space for local businesses, and this too went sideways. Arteaga then tried selling shirts online, and for the first time, he made money online. Unfortunately, his site had copyright issues which led to its being shut down, and he had to return the money.

Despite all the failures, Artega was not about to back down. It was until a year and a half later that he made $300 off an email list. This time it was real, shortly after,  he went into personal branding. Arteaga used his pain as fuel to make it at such a young.


Going Solo


Arteaga learned a lot about online marketing forms like websites, social media marketing, podcast, press, and others, which led him to get into personal branding. Other methods, like SEO and Facebook ads, were too complicated for him. He studied the industry and eventually became an expert.

He then decides to partner up with someone else to start his first real business, Influencer Press. Arteaga built the entire Influencer Press from the ground up. He made it into a six-figure company with world-class clients. Unfortunately, this partnership was not meant to last forever. The two got into a disagreement about pay, and he had to leave and move on alone. It did not take him long to get back up, Arteaga went on to make six figures as a solo entrepreneur. At only 19 years old, he was making $144,000 annually, but he was not about to stop at six figures. Als you can read : How to make yourself throw up


Hitting Seven Figures


At this point in his life, Arteaga was already a six-figure personal branding expert and was just about to go into venture capitalism. A friend from high school asked him to invest in his father's meat market business. Arteaga took the offer and decided to raise some money. The then 19-year-old was forced to cut off his expensive habits since he is a guy who likes going to fancy restaurants and buying expensive clothes. Arteaga saved up and injected $60,000 into the Mexican meat market business. Once he got into the industry, he learned it fast with some help from a friend. 

At 20 years old, Artega makes two million dollars in annual revenue from the meat markets. He bought a one million dollar asset at the same age, which made him a millionaire. Now with a seven-figure income, Arteaga became a top one percent earner at his age bracket. He is currently on track to open three or four meat markets by next year; this will bring in about three or four million dollars a year. His goal is to add 1,000 meat markets and make a Billion dollar annual income in the next seven years.

Arteaga has worked with clients worth not less than $100 Million and world-famous influencers like  Julius Dien, Tonio Skits, Ed Mylett, Sam Bakhair, Com Mirza, among others. He even decided to retire his parents.




The young mogul's journey brings inspiration to people dealing with depression and entrepreneurs whose businesses aren't picking. His deeds have impacted many, and his dreams are to change the lives of many more. He is proof that good things can come out of bad things too.

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