Precautions for a Mothers who Loves Cannabis

Precautions for a Mothers who Loves Cannabis

Feb 18, 2019, 8:28:23 PM Life and Styles

The legalisation of marijuana and marijuana products has both its pros and cons. Despite its proven medical benefits, recreational use of cannabis does lead to hazards which are not just limited to one’s physical and mental well being but also affects people who live around you and with you. As much as one would advocate the rise of the usage of marijuana post its legalisation, one must also keep in mind how the young crowd will begin to perceive this free and frequent usage within the household.


Just like drinking and smoking should be curbed with children around not just for health factors but also creating an impression upon the child, smoking marijuana whether for recreation or medical purpose should also be balanced and done in a way, mostly away from children. The mother, who is supposedly the closest to the child at least in their initial years are the most affected ones by the habits of their mothers.


Unlike drinking a glass or two of wine, mothers are heavily judged for the use of cannabis in general, irrespective of the presence of children. However, with the use of marijuana by mothers becoming more widespread, people are also getting to know and accept these changing trends being accepted by mothers. Quite often on being probed about the usage of cannabis, mothers have often commented on how, using marijuana, either through smoking or through other marijuana-based products relieves them from stress, especially new mothers.


How Marijuana helps Mothers


Due to its medicinal properties, marijuana is also known to reduce postpartum depression, anxiety and relieves people from stress. The use of cannabis is becoming a lot more popular as a means to unwind, especially for new parents who are still grappling with parenthood and looking for a moment or two of respite. Also, to get a sense of easy going to overwhelm their state of mind in contrast to the otherwise constant worry and struggle that is often associated with parenthood.


Let’s look at the ways new parenthood embraces the emerging rise in the popularity of marijuana post its legalisation and what are the precautions for a mother who indulges in the usage of marijuana.


Using Marijuana During and Post Pregnancy


Like alcohol, it is also popularly believed that one should stop the usage of marijuana during pregnancy. However, some survey that is still at its early stages shows that there aren’t any side effects on pregnancy per se, if the expecting mother uses marijuana during her tenure. It should also be noted that research states that developmental and behavioural issues might crop up later in life of the children whose mothers used cannabis during their pregnancy. The usage of marijuana, post-pregnancy, while the mother is still breastfeeding her child has often been linked to a late development in motor skills of the child.


These health hazards do not affect the mother alone, but also the child as long as the child is obtaining his or her nutrients from the mother. The legalisation of marijuana should promote judicious and smart use of the product, whether for medicinal or recreational purpose and one must not just restrict their personal research of the health hazards of marijuana online.


Smoking around Children


The use of marijuana in a household that also has children should involve some control and rules. It is definitely not the best idea to interact with one’s children while under the influence of marijuana irrespective of how under control you are of the high induced by the weed. With parents, due to children being part of the household and passive smoking becoming a potential problem, edibles infused with marijuana and vaporisers that are heated up to a point where you inhale vapours instead of smoke. Despite its legalisation, the taboo surrounding the usage of marijuana, and rightfully so given the possible health hazards that are involved with its recreational usage, is still prevalent. It is important to not come out in the open when your child is part of the household with something that might hinder their own understanding of the usage of marijuana in future.


Also, apart from the children, the prevalence of the stigma associated with marijuana in society will not completely disappear. It is essential that parents who actively use marijuana also stay away from any form of unnecessary criticism from prying eyes which might even confuse the child.


Parenting under the influence of marijuana


Taking into consideration the multiple accounts of parents who consciously do not smoke around their children or choose to use marijuana while they are asleep also brings in the debate of parenting under the influence of marijuana. However, a lot of parents who were earlier into alcohol prefer marijuana over it, given the fact that it does not impair their sense of judgement and can still attend to their children’s need under the influence, unlike alcohol where it becomes difficult even to move appropriately if they overindulge.


However, one must always keep in mind, how considering something a better alternative also has its own risks.

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