“Success for me is being a little better than what I was yesterday” Rohan Kale’s Definition Of Success

“Success for me is being a little better than what I was yesterday” Rohan Kale’s Definition Of Success

Nov 6, 2018, 7:15:06 PM Life and Styles


What’s your backstory?


Growing up as an engineering student in India, I made some bad decisions in my 20’s and ended up gambling. I was dissatisfied with my job. Disillusioned with the way things worked. So, to distract myself, I hung out with some people I really shouldn't have who were obsessed with betting.


I lost a lot of money. €25,000+, to be exact.


Luckily, I had the support of my incredible family and friends who never gave up on me and who helped me get back on my feet. Anyone who’s been through this kind of thing always says, 'I don't know where I'd be without them', but I know where I'd be.


On the streets. Penniless. Harbouring a possibly even more dangerous addiction…


But even though they helped me get out of debt, I didn’t come out without a scratch. Getting into so much debt when you’re still just maturing, and in so short a time (this all happened over 6-8 months) leaves you mentally and physically drained. There’s no way I was taking care of myself - I needed to heal.


What’s that saying - a change is as good as a rest?


I decided to go for one final gamble. My biggest play.


I took out an education loan and traveled 6,700km to Germany to pursue my MBA and forge a career, away from home and all my old temptations.


I worked hard - and it paid off. I won a job in Daimler’s Sales and Marketing Department, and within a short amount of time I was able to pay off all my debts - including my education loan, and the money given to me by my parents.


Not only that, I could afford the good life most entrepreneurs dream of.


But the biggest difference was that inside, I was a totally new person. I realized that if you put your mind and your grit to a plan, live consciously and take responsibility for everything in your life, success is automatically yours (comforting, huh?).


I spent three years at Daimler before the realization crept upon me that it was time, once again, to move on. I wasn’t meant for a 9-5 desk job - it was simply a transition period.


I wanted to make a direct difference in people’s lives by working with their businesses.


(And enjoy the freedom and flexible working hours of being an entrepreneur, of course.)


Fun fact about me: I loved cartoons. What kid doesn’t?


Before my crappy first jobs, before I got into debt, sitting watching cartoons was my favorite memory. I could go on for hours about my favourite shows.


And videos were booming in every marketing sector.


I had began to explore different possibilities, and it wasn’t long before I realized there was a gap in the market for professional-looking animations that could solve every problem from explaining how to use a piece of software in telling a brand’s story.


Not only that, but there were others who were wondering the same. Now, I’m lucky enough to call those awesome pros - sound designers, video editors, artists and animators - my team.


That’s how Rohan Kale came into existence.


Together, we help global brands across industries like software, financial services, web development, app companies, non-profits, retail and more to present their brand stories in a way that resonates with their target audience - and entertains as well as informs.


In late 2017, having made hundreds of videos for companies across all industries, I became crypto curious and soon found myself swept up in crypto histeria.


I wanted to begin investing in myself but struggled initially to understand the brilliant technical genius of founders on their website and whitepapers.


As a communications specialist, I’m used to simplifying complex ideas, so it didn’t take me long to educate myself and decipher what ICO projects were trying to say.


Unfortunately, for founders of ICO projects, few people are engaged communications experts. Fewer yet are technically minded enough to understand what they’re trying to say – and a confused investor is reluctant to part with their money.


That’s how the idea and implementation of ICO Videos came into existence.


A Problem To Be Solved


Good communication, like good blockchain projects, is an exercise in solving problems.


In my experience as the founder of rkale.com, I’ve created the Behavioral Lead Journey (BLJ) system.


Its very purpose was to create a series of videos designed to appeal to multiple audiences, taking even the least sophisticated customer on a journey from unaware to purchase in the shortest time possible.


I knew the BLJ could bridge the gap between the technical genius of project founders and curious investors.


It didn’t take long to bring the first blockchain clients on board and the results are clear for anyone to see from our numerous case studies and testimonials.


We’d solved a problem for blockchain project founders that could be the difference between wild success and valiant-but-miserable failure.


What techniques and methods do you use day to day to stay continuously motivated, focused and proactive when fear, hardships and procrastination have the best of you?


The most important tool in my arsenal is meditation. This helps me stay focused. I will be lying if I say that there are no distractions with social media, but a journal helps me to decide on the tasks that I need to do for the next day. Planning is good but the execution is the key to real growth and success. Another thing that helps me clear my mind is my daily 30 mins walk. The more ‘me’ time I have, the better I perform.


What is your definition of success?


Success for me is being a little better than what I was yesterday. This can include a new skill that I may learn or master as each day passes. It’s more of an internal thing than an external thing because you can never be happy if you try to be successful according to the society standards. What I have learned from the last three years of being an entrepreneur is that your only competition must be yourself or it can lead you into a deep rabbit hole

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