“Success loves speed”- Eddie Smith

“Success loves speed”- Eddie Smith

Jan 7, 2019, 6:17:24 PM Life and Styles

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why.


I can name so many more than 5 things that I wish someone would have told me when I first started but here are a few:


1: Focus on the big picture enough to have a plan. Then let it go and get to work. At the beginning I was so obsessed with making a mil I was missing key steps to even make 100k.


2: Find a coach or mentor asap. I was so resistant to accepting and getting help that my pride and ego made the journey so much longer and harder than it had to be.


3: Do what you love but remember that sometimes you will have to do what you don’t love to get it. When I was starting out I was constantly jumping from idea to idea because I would do something and find out I don’t love everything about it. Now, I realize that you’re not always going to love what you do but you will love the result it creates.


4: Success loves speed. Quit waiting for the perfect moment and just get started. I used to say when I have more money. When I have a larger audience. When I… etc. You get the point. Just go and figure it out along the way.


5: Stay in your lane. Don’t worry about keeping up with anyone. Run your own race and you will reach your destination. I used to get so hung up on this but then I realized how far I have come and it made the biggest difference ever.


What’s your backstory?


I grew up dirt poor and on the streets at an early age. I straddled the line between being a good kid and a bad kid often living in the gray area.


I would at one time become homeless when I was 15 and eventually found myself moving cross country from Spokane, Washington to Chicago, Illinois because I was out of control.


This was my second chance at life though and I quickly went from being shot at, getting into fights regularly and skipping school to graduating both High School & College early

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