“Take full advantage of the opportunities you create”- Wayne Andrew Reilly

“Take full advantage of the opportunities you create”- Wayne Andrew Reilly

Sep 13, 2018, 7:45:15 PM Life and Styles

What is your backstory?


I was raised in a small town in north idaho called Post Falls, a beautiful place but somewhere that is very hard to get out of, I came out of the low middle class with a very dysfunctional family, I had the worst ADHD to the point that I could not sit still or not move my body in some way, I grew up always telling myself i was going to be someone someday, everyone around me telling me I can't do that and how I had to work some brainless job for the rest of my life, I got fired from every job i have ever had that required me to work for a boss or mop floors or cook, i did not want to be depressed in life, I started making videos on the internet that my friends would like to make their day better, well what happened to me next i would never see coming, the 3rd video i posted would get over 3 million views in a week, then 2 million, then 8 million.


I was rising in internet fame but i was only chasing numbers it wasnt content i was proud of i did not like the videos i would make because i acted like someone who wasnt me, even though i would get millions of views i could not make any money out of it and it bothered me wondering why i could not do it, that's when i started getting in the business side of things, I knew a couple celebrities at the time and they wanted me to manage the social media accounts that they dont use, for a percentage of promotions that come off of the accounts including promotions i bring.


 I became so good at talking to people and so trusted in the community of celebrities they started referring me to all of their celebrity friends, I started building faster than any other person online, bringing up a network of over 200 million in less than 2 years. Bringing tens of thousands of dollars in promotions to different people, I wasn't just taking money either I was providing results to companies who would then refer me to another company in exchange for less prices from promotions, learning how to niche products the the right people, learning the game better than anyone before. Now I am at the top of my game non stop business having the advantage of my past on my side being open minded and trustworthy to every person i work with. I am building an empire to change the world with and i will not stop until i have taken over everything or have a piece in everything.


What are your “5 things I wish someone told me before starting”?


1. Take full advantage of the opportunities you create.


2. Don't trust in people to help you make it, trust in yourself.


3. Learn your worth and the value you bring to the table.


4. Don't be so open about what you have, because they will use it against you.


5. Don't count on future offers or future deals until the money is in your hand.

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