The Personal and Public Life of Amanda Stanton

The Personal and Public Life of Amanda Stanton

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Known for her sensational appearance on the reality TV show, The Bachelor, Amanda Stanton has become quite popular in the entertainment world. Amanda Stanton Loves Wallpics Mixtiles Stickable Photo Tiles For Walls and she was born on the 9th of April, 1990, in California, USA, and has featured in some movies within the last couple of years. Some of her popular TV appearances include Bachelor in Paradise (2014), Kissing Strangers (2010), Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh (2008). She was married to Nick Buonfiglio and she has two beautiful daughters.

Amanda Stanton in ‘The Bachelor’

Amanda Stanton’s appearance in The Bachelor has earned her a reasonable fame and of course some doses of love. It seemed she found love on Bachelor in Paradise when she got very close to Josh Murray. Unfortunately, the love didn’t last for long. The couple made their split public in early 2017 and it seems Amanda is not ready to stay on the singles club for long. She is definitely out in search of love again in the new series of Bachelor in Paradise. Well, what can we say if not to wish her luck in her search for love?

One great thing that her appearance did for her was that it made her famous. She has garnered a sizeable followers on Instagram and it seems her fans are all for her. She currently has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 171,000 followers on Twitter.

Amanda Stanton’s Family Life

She was married to Nick Buonfiglio in 2012 and they broke up in 2015. They had two daughters together, Kinsley and Charlie, and Amanda has consistently showed herself as a good single mom. Of course, her Instagram page is flooded with cute pictures of herself and her daughters having fun together. She likes to print these photos and decorates the walls in her house. Amanda said that Wallpics are everywhere from children’s room to living room. In 2016, she got engaged to Josh Murray but the duo broke up early in 2017. During the 20th season of The Bachelor in 2016, Amanda Stanton competed vigorously for the affection of Ben Higgins but it seems things didn’t work out as she anticipated it would.

Amanda’s Relationship with Ex-Husband

Before she made her first appearance on The Bachelor, Amanda married Nick Buonfiglio in 2012 and by 2015, the two had separated. The relationship seemed toxic and they both filed for divorce. A custody battle ensued between Amanda and Nick after she got together with Josh Murray. Nick claimed he needed to spend more time with his beautiful daughters and the law was on his side; he won the battle. It was reported that Amanda Stanton was getting a month child support of $2,000 for her kids but was later reduced to $530 after the custody case. Although her child support was reduced, Amanda Stanton still went ahead to earn herself some good money. She lives comfortably with her children and is still very much on the entertainment scene.

Amanda’s Relationship with Josh Murray

Josh Murray is an entertainment celebrity who won The Bachelorette, Season 10 and got engaged to Andi Dorfman thereafter. Things didn’t really work out for the couple and they split up. Josh Murray came on the scene of Bachelor in Paradise season 3. Amanda was also a contestant on The Bachelor and she had her design on Ben Higgins. Unfortunately, she was rejected by Ben Higgins and she moved on to join Bachelor in Paradise season 3 where she met Josh. The season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise ended with Amanda and Josh engaged.

Amanda Stanton was seen wearing a beautiful Neil Lane ring and Josh Murray vowing to love her and her children to the very end. For the next couple of months, it was bliss in paradise for Amanda and Josh with both of them posting loving pictures of their love moments and family pictures on social media. Well, like the popular saying, many good things don’t last for long. Amanda and Josh broke up and things really got messy when Amanda Stanton accused Josh Murray of being a fake. According to her, she has had the feeling that everything was not right while they were dating which she couldn’t bring herself to make public. Of course, Josh didn’t just take it in his stride; he threatened to drag Amanda to court if she doesn’t desist from spreading hate speeches and rumours about him.

At some point, it looked like peace has been restored to the troubled love as they both seemed to rekindle their love. Not long before this, it was made public that Amanda will be coming back to the 4th season of Bachelor in Paradise. According to report, Amanda and Josh are still very much on bad terms but he actually wished her luck on her return to Bachelor in Paradise.

Amanda Stanton’s Net Worth

As reported by Daily Mail, Amanda Stanton’s mentioned she earns about $13,000 per month from her fashion blog. She also has a couple of endorsements that fetch her some money. Of course, she still makes some money on her appearances on different reality TV shows. Amanda is back on the show in Bachelor in Paradise, Season 4 and there have been speculations that she is going to get hooked with Robbie Hayes.

What is Amanda up to Now?

Well, between being a single mom of two and finding love, Amanda Stanton is trying to live her life to the fullest. She has come under serious attacks online in recent times with fans complaining about her neglect of her children while appearing on numerous TV shows. Well, she didn’t take it in and kept quite. She went on Instagram to blast her haters telling them that her children have a father who is always part of their lives. Amanda Stanton is not allowing people’s opinion to shape her life or dictate the way she lives her life. She is all out looking for love and we sincerely hope she finds what she is looking for.

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