Tips for Indian wedding photographers

Tips for Indian wedding photographers

Nov 3, 2018, 3:53:38 PM Life and Styles

At one point of time or another, you might have clicked pictures in the Indian wedding, right? If yes, then you might know how pathetic and chaotic Indian wedding is in real. Moreover, there are certainly many rituals and functions, which run late than the expected time. Starting from the sagan to haldi, Mehendi to sangeet, cocktail party to pre-wedding preparation, there are several things to consider and manage in the wedding.

In addition to this, guests arrive before the marriage date, and the entire house seems like fish markets, where a lot of gossips, programs, events, and small concerts are conducted. Shrouded by an ample number of ceremonies and functions, an Indian wedding is considered as crucial events, and amidst these scenarios, Indian wedding photography becomes a tough challenge.

You will find a variety of things like diversity in the customs, guest gatherings, beautiful decorations, commodities, and much more, which are necessary to get captured by the camera to keep as a memory for the lifetime. The wedding photo sessions are scheduled for a few days and continue for a few hours.

Marriages are not only important to announce officially about a relationship; rather it is a vital day to make countless memories, which you can cherish for the rest of your life. So, how can you make memories? In this technology-prone era, nothing seems to be impossible.

The market of photography is now trending in every nook and corner of the world, where photographers are making an amazing documentary, and clicks the fabulous picture, which can easily make your day cheerful and pleasing. But, when it comes to Indian wedding photography, things are so simple and easy as they appear to be. So, if you are an Indian photographer, and want to do something unique in your business, then follow the below points carefully.

Meet the couple before starting the shooting

This approach might sound silly and freaky, but Indian weddings are quite unpredictable. So, it would be better if you note down some tips and ideas from the couple what to do at the wedding, and what not to. A quick study will help in accomplishing your goals easily, and moreover, you can plan shots with the best props as well as in a comfortable zone. The meeting with the couple will help you in making the Big Day beautiful and worth memorable.

Have assistance for coordinating small things

Well, before you delve deep into the discussion and start to shot, have a look at the entire wedding setup. Indian weddings are quite hectic, and there are hundreds of things to manage. In addition to this, guests may call you immediately to click some pictures with the bride and groom, which may put you in a deadly situation, if you are alone in the party. Isn't it true?

Coordinating things properly in a marriage is one of the toughest things ever. So, you would need a partner to control the "small" and "immediate" photo shots sessions without even disturbing the main part of the day, which is all about the "bride and groom." You cannot miss a single snap of the couple. Even in extremely busy areas, you have to click the best pictures of the crowd.

Candid Vs. planned shots

When it comes to Indian wedding photography, candid shots are in demands now, and every couple wants their candid pictures perfectly framed in a beautiful ambiance without any blurs. Apart from the candid, planned shots are also regarded as the crucial part of the Big Day, which is generally scheduled before some days with prior instructions and setup. So, you need to make good use of it, and ensure that everything is going well as per your planning.

Know the wedding process

In India, there are various communities and culture, and so the marriage timings are also different and unique. Most of the Indian families depend a lot on the pandit or priest who identifies a good and suitable time for the marriage to happen. So, the function can occur at any time, night or day. Before you start your preparation for the photo shoot, talk with the family member, and determine the specific moments to capture in the camera. Make sure that you know everything about the marriage.

Family photo

Nothing can be more precious and priceless than a family photo. A happy marriage ends with a family or group picture in every Indian wedding. So, plan accordingly, and make the best use of your camera to capture every smile and emotions of the family members. Moreover, you can suggest some exclusive ways to stand in the stage or can make the moment special with some unique props and lights.


As a part of the marriage, lights are most important and valuable things in the marriage. For the photo shoots, you can choose the best lights instead of going with the dim colorful and incandescent lights. Ensure that you have the portable lights with you, and make a wireless connection, so that you won't fall or slip while clicking. 

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