Wise Advice And Tips From Brendan Meyers

Wise Advice And Tips From Brendan Meyers

Jan 18, 2019, 9:10:22 PM Life and Styles

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why.


The 5 things I wish someone told me when I first started is:  


1. Invest in the partners, employees, and contractors who do GREAT work. I remember being frugal with the money my YouTube & business were bringing in each month. I was making a consistent $7,000 per month, my social media was growing, and I was receiving sponsorship opportunities. From my point of view, I was doing well and didn’t need anyone, but definitely could use a little bit of help.


For a year or two I stayed away from anyone who wanted to work with me because I thought I had it all figured out… then one day I met a guy named Jeff, and what do ya know? He was an Online Marketer who just so happened to have been looking to partner with a new business. So we did just that… and BOOM $$$$! I wish I partnered with other successful entrepreneurs sooner (my ego held me back).  


2. Money comes and goes, pay other people before you pay yourself.  There was a time when my right hand man was significantly underpaid. We were working hard to build this business… we were making good money each month, but definitely not enough to pay the 10 employees I had working for us.  


So I had a choice to make… I could continue to live in a really expensive apartment, pay my girlfriend per month, pay for an expensive office, and have a really nice expensive car. Or, I could lower my expenses and pay my right hand man MORE, so that he was happy and we were making more happen! He was a DIAMOND, the best I had seen in a long, long time. But because I couldn’t completely let go of these other “items”, I ended up losing him as an employee. I would have paid him more if I could go back in time.


3. It’s okay to sell!


Selling was one of my greatest struggles. As an influencer with millions of eyeballs watching my every move, I thought if I said the wrong thing or even sold a product for too much - my career would be over. I can remember arguing with my one of my business partners for 2 years over selling! He knew how to sell, yet I couldn’t come to terms with it until that relationship ended.  Now I look at selling as a GIFT to the consumer.


4. You don’t need to be right all the time, trust others opinions.  I can remember 3 different occasions when I took the opinion of one of my partners for granted.  One example is when I was structuring a business launch and not willing to change the date we go live.  Because of this, we weren’t able to test on the level required.


5. Organize your life, THEN structure your business and launch it to the world. One word - calendar. My current best friend, but old enemy. If I had just put everything in my calendar, my relationships would have been so much more connected. I would have showed up to events that I had scheduled. Every day could have been stress-free and not frantic.  


Because it wasn’t, my business suffered. I was frantic and so was my team. Everyone was running around with their heads cut off because nothing was scheduled right.

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