You may have a ‘smart’ house, but is it thief-proof?

You may have a ‘smart’ house, but is it thief-proof?

Apr 8, 2019, 8:33:17 PM Life and Styles

Surveillance cameras have been in existence for a while, but home security cameras have not
been around for too long yet. Because of how advanced everything is nowadays, these devices
have become especially accessible and easy to put up, even without having to damage the
property with coils and similar wiring.


There are multiple benefits to using front door cameras, but a clear one is to deter burglary and
theft. This blog post is dedicated to emphasizing how and why home security cameras are
essential to your security and convenience.


Thieves are less likely to barge into properties with camera devices.


Around 60% of convicted thieves attributed their decision not to rob certain homes to noticing an
overt security front door camera. While crimes can happen no matter what, the presence of a
front door camera—or even better, an over the door camera—helps let burglars re-assess their
target, increasing your safety.


If you’re a renter or live in a place that isn’t conducive for security home cameras with long ends
of a cable, a perfect solution to that could be the Remo+ DoorCam, the world’s first and only
over the door camera. It’s so easy to use that all you need to do is take it out of it the box and
hang it over the door. Its smart device app makes it easy for any resident to see what’s outside.


Security cameras do a swell job collecting and presenting evidence.


In the unfortunate circumstance that a thief breaks into your home, a home security camera
provides the perfect record of wrongs. They’re able to help narrate the events of a crime or an
encounter and provide a string of detailed reports as movements and people are recorded, right as
these events transpire. That said, crimes, complicated stories, visitors’ mishaps, and missed
package deliveries are far more easily solved and clarified with CCTV cameras. j


On a similar note, the remo+ DoorCam can record all that happens outside your area without
damaging your property to hide wires. You can even see who’s on the other side of the door even
when you’re away. It also doesn’t hurt that you can talk to them should you be unable to go to
the door.


Most break-ins are said to be devised by neighbors or thieves who reside nearby.


Reports claim that the typical burglary is committed by people who live within two miles from
the targeted property. Note that anyone who lives close to you, let alone pass by your premises,
can very well learn and study the ins-and-outs of your home, your daily schedule, and all that’s
in between. Would-be thieves can also find out whether you’ve gone on vacation or not based on
the newspapers, flyers, and other paper handouts piled up outside your doorstep.


What sets Remo+ DoorCam apart from other front door cameras or CCTV devices, in general, is
its capacity to be portable. If you feel like some doors are better entry points for burglars than
others, you can transfer it from one door to another and see how useful it can be at different
times of the day or what have you.


Here’s a useful tip:


Aside from using front door cameras, having someone stay in your place while you’re
temporarily away also helps ward off unwanted danger.


Studies show that crooks can execute thievery in less than 30 minutes.


It’s no surprise that anyone looking to break into a hom will aim for properties that are easy
targets. This is the very reason intruders don’t take long to barge into your space to take your
belongings. Remo+ DoorCam, though, has motion detection, which lets notifies you of visitors
(welcomed and unwelcomed) before they reach the front door. DooCam is also armed with night
vision so that you have 24/7 surveillance of all activity.


Furthermore, a DoorCam works with both private homes and apartment-style spaces.
Considering how so many people resort to crime to make ends meet, home security cameras are
the wisest piece of machinery you can invest in to ensure that no one gets hurt and your home
remains safe. There are hundreds and hundreds of CCTV devices that may not just tickle your
fancy, but exceed your safety measures as well, but the remo+ DoorCam is on a league of its

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