Discover the Best Add-Ons for Vape Cartridge Box Packaging

Discover the Best Add-Ons for Vape Cartridge Box Packaging

Feb 1, 2022, 6:45:00 AM News

Discover the Best Add-Ons for Vape Cartridge Box Packaging

As more and more people prefer to smoke vapes instead of

cigarettes, the number of vape brands making cartridges is also increasing. And

for any brand to give a distinguished appeal to its cartridges, well-customized

This article will dive into different effective add-on choices you

can use to uplift the branded perception of vape cartridges.

Headers for a Perfect Branding &


Apart from the individual packaging, cartridges are often presented in display boxes. When added with a header on top, vape cartridge packaging in display box style helps you in advertising and branding efforts around cartridges.

Headers in different cutting shapes are lightweight and can easily

be detached. The easy detaching of headers also renders vape boxes easy to ship.

Another huge benefit is that a header on top gives you ample space

to print. This means you can add branding and design elements that ultimately

send a message about the product and brand to onlookers.

This is how to vape cartridge packaging in display box style becomes

an effective advertising tool when mounted with a header.

Dividers for Cartridge Protection &


Several packaging suppliers provide vape boxes for sale. These display boxes come with cardboard dividers that make vape cartridges easily accessible. 

Such vape cartridge box packaging increases impulse purchases when

placed on check-out counters, called the point of sale. 

As a small product, cannabis cartridges often get lost in heavily

loaded display shelves. These boxes save cartridges from accidentally falling

out or ruining the overall display when inserted with cardboard dividers.

Cavities for Organized View

This type of add-on has its unique benefits and helps your cartridges ooze a branded appeal. Vape cartridge box packaging with cavity inserts has the following benefits:


The display of cartridges looks neat and organized. This means

customers perceive yours to be branded and high-quality vape cartridges.


Precisely die-cut cavities protect cartridges from falling when

openly displayed on busy countertops.


When the vape cartridge box packaging has cavity inserts inside –

the product becomes easy to pick one at a time. 

Vape Cartridge Box Packaging with Hang

Tab Provide Exalted Display Appeal

When customized with a die-cut hang-tab, these boxes offer several notable benefits:


Cartridges can be more effectively displayed.


A cartridge box hung with a hang-tab makes the product prominent.


Customers can easily take their favorite cartridge off quickly

while shopping.


Hung on the back wall of counters, these boxes save a lot of

display space.


These boxes are stackable and easy to ship.

A Window for Marketing Well

More than an image, customers appreciate it a lot when they can directly see a product they want to buy. Vape cartridge box packaging with a precisely die-cut window in different shapes on top acts as a superb marketing tool. A sneak peek at cartridge color and flavor positively influences customers' buying decisions.

Summing Up the Above Discussion on

Add-on Choices

If you are looking to buy pre-made vape boxes for sale, then packaging that features the above would be beneficial. And if you want to have vape cartridge box packaging made on-demand, then keep the mentioned add-on choices in mind for boosting cartridge sales. 

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