Are People Using Medicines Properly?

Are People Using Medicines Properly?

Jun 15, 2018, 5:47:42 PM Business

According to a study by the National Food and Drug Administration, over 90% of Chinese people do not know how to properly take medicines A few years ago, the Chinese Adverse Drug Reaction Network received 1.2 million reports of incidents as a result of undesirable effects.

The Chinese should update their knowledge not only about the use of medicines but also about the very idea of ​​how to do that. Sometimes it is difficult to explain the proper use of drugs even to members of your own family. The pharmacist tells how once her daughter raised her fever and her mother wanted to give her anti-inflammatory drugs for adults because she thought the temperature was likely to cause brain damage. When the child started coughing on the third day, her grandmother worried that the cough could go into pneumonia and again began to insist on giving her medication. Jia explains that her mother simply could not see her granddaughter suffer. But it soon became clear that the child had had a common cold and recovered only for a week without medication.

Doctors say the extremely high temperature is likely to harm the child's brain, but this condition is extremely rare. Children usually tolerate temperature without long-lasting consequences. Doctors explain that high temperature is not a disease but a way for the body to fight the disease. Thus, the body attacks viruses and bacteria that would develop well at 37 degrees C. Of course, if the child's temperature is over 38.5 C degrees, do not rely on the body to cope with it, but take measures for both lowering the temperature and detecting and treating the cause, which in most cases is an infection.

Many people do not know that the body is usually able to cope with mild ailments because in their childhood their over-anxious parents treated them with any pills and syrups.

Lack of awareness of the use of drugs and the potential side effects of antibiotics poses a serious threat to the health of people. According to a 2012 Food and Drug Administration study, some people continue to treat themselves using strong medications for minor ailments. And this habit is likely to cause the development of stronger and more resistant strains of the disease.

A poll of 8,000 people shows that about 23% of respondents are willing to target antibiotics if they suspect they are cold, while 9% will do it for diarrhea.

Experts warn that antibiotics that kill or slow the development of bacteria in the body should only be taken in serious cases and with prescription.

The health ministry estimates that 138 g of antibiotics per person are consumed each year in the mainland of China, which is 10 times the amount in the US.

On 1 August 2012, China officially introduced a Decree of the Ministry of Health regulating the clinical use of antibacterial agents. These rules set out all aspects of the use of antibiotics in hospitals, including choice, discharge, use, control and legal responsibilities. This is still the toughest ordinance for antibiotics in some places around the world. Its purpose is to ensure the rational use of antimicrobial agents.

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