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The year 2020 was an unforgettable experience for everyone. Professionals of all areas witnessed the nature of their work change due to the pandemic, but healthcare was the profession that underwent the most drastic changes.

It was a year that forced healthcare to adapt, change and rely on technology more than ever. In 2021, it is crucial to be vigilant about health, and this article will cover the reasons why.

1.     Ongoing demand for health care professionals.

Due to the increase in Covid-19 cases globally, frontline workers have suffered the most; from doing double shifts to some even losing their lives, it has taken a toll on our healthcare workers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the employment of doctors and nurses is expected to increase by 7-12% by 2028. The need for healthcare professionals is so high that most students get a job right after they graduate.

With healthcare undergoing persistent changes, candidates need training, experience, and knowledge to advocate for those changes by enrolling in programs like the executive masters of healthcare leadership. Taking a career in healthcare is extremely valuable for both the candidate and the health industry, especially in the age of a pandemic.

2.     Careers in healthcare offer high salaries

Due to the ongoing pandemic, companies suffered immense losses. As a result, thousands of people lost their jobs. But, a career in healthcare offers job security. Even in countries with a recession, there is a demand for healthcare workers.

In the past year, people globally recognized the importance of healthcare workers. As a result, high salaries aren't alien anymore. According to PayScale, a healthcare professional's average salary ranges from $63,300 to 259,000 a year. However, no amount of high wage can compensate for the amount of stress and risk involved in healthcare.

3.     Diverse medical career opportunities have opened up

This is one of the most important reasons to take healthcare more seriously. With the advancement in medical sciences, there's an evident increase in opportunities in this field. After graduation, medical students have over 60 areas of specialty to choose from.

One can either choose to work in hospitals, healthcare companies, or labs. There are new and innovative fields one can choose from. For example, health management degrees are becoming increasingly popular.

Besides, the field of research has become the most important one of all. With new diseases and virus mutations on the rise, research for treatment, vaccines, and their cures requires the most attention.

4.     Jobs are found anywhere around the world

There is immense uniformity in medicine globally. As a result, graduating from any country doesn't hinder getting jobs in any other country. This is one of the most significant advantages healthcare professionals have over other disciplines. Other than the language, there are no additional barriers.

5.     Ease people's pain and suffering

One of the most challenging times in anyone's life is spending time at a hospital. Patients diagnosed with Covid-19 are an example; living inside an isolation ward for weeks can be very frustrating; patients feel lonely and desperate.

A good healthcare professional manages such patients with care to ease their suffering.

People need to take this more seriously, as boosting a patient's willpower alone is known to help cure certain illnesses. Helping humanity is one of the main reasons some people decide to take up healthcare as a career.

6.     The need to find new cures in medical research

As the pandemic evolves with newer variations of the virus, there's an urgent need for research personnel in healthcare. Even though the damages from the pandemic aren't reversible, we can work on creating a stronger team to battle such situations faster.

Not everyone who wants to join healthcare works in hospitals. You can also pick a research-based healthcare degree, so you spend time in labs conducting research and finding treatments, cures, and medication to benefit humanity.

Development has already begun, but somehow, we still fall short at the hands of nature.

As the demand for research continues to rise, medical research is such an essential part of healthcare. It is common to see people associate healthcare with hospital work, but that is far from the truth. In today's era, the most critical and challenging part of healthcare is research.


Pursuing a career in healthcare isn't a piece of cake. It requires an investment of time, energy, and money, but the results are worth it. Healthcare has always remained crucial, and the ongoing pandemic has increased the urgency to a great extent.

It is necessary to pay attention to healthcare and take it more seriously. With cases of the pandemic rising every day, it is clear we've exhausted our resources without learning much. It is research that'll help us know even more to help us find a promising treatment.


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