Invest in the Best Sprinkler Head for A Beautiful Lawn


Invest in the Best Sprinkler Head for A Beautiful Lawn

Aug 6, 2021, 2:11:21 PM Life and Styles

In places with less rain and drier climates, keeping the lawn hydrated is crucial for green and healthy grass. A good sprinkler head will give your land a uniform coating of water, allowing the flowers to bloom and grass to grow throughout the year.

Review the Head Types for your Irrigation Sprinkler System

A mixture of different plants makes a landscape design look beautiful. However, all different plants need specific irrigation methods to provide the right amount of water to stay healthy for years.

Using the appropriate type of sprinkler head for specific types of plants will enhance water usage intensity. A perfect match between the sprinkler head and the plant classes is a must to prevent overwatering. You can save circa 50 to 60 percent of water just by using the correct sprinkler heads for different spots in your lawn.

Best sprinkler heads for your garden

There are three types of primary sprinkler heads. Each sprinkler head has a different way of watering the lawn. The lawn size and the water pressure required by the irrigation system must be considered while choosing the adequate sprinkler head.

  1. Spray Irrigation Heads: These types of sprinkler heads are known to distribute water evenly. However, they are best suited for small and mid-sized lawns. They should be placed within 15 feet if the water pressure is amid 20-30PSI. Also, install the heads extensions for full coverage. Spray heads placed more than 15ft farther are likely to cause dry spots on the land. Spray irrigation heads spray out a lot of water quickly and produce delicate, misty sprays which can blow away. The system can affect irrigation efficiency. However, spray irrigation heads are not the ideal option for windy areas.
  2. Spray Rotary Sprinkler Heads: Spray rotary sprinkler heads are ideal for mid-sized to large lawns where the irrigation system has more than 30 PSI. The distance amid each sprinkler head placement should not exceed its PSI. A rainbird sprinkler head is the best option in this category for soils and slopes with slow draining soils. However, there is no wind drift, water runoff, and less water wastage.
  3. Bubbler Irrigation Heads: This irrigation head is fast and more efficient. It can run around in tiny spaces around trees, shrubs, or in-ground cover. These sprinkler head options are not to water the lawns. Besides, it would be best if you didn't use them on lands with varying levels or slow draining soil since the water will elope and flood other nearby areas.

Drip or Soaker Systems

Instead of using numerous bubbler irrigation heads, drip or soaker systems are preferred for comparatively larger areas. Drip irrigation system delivers water gradually and efficiently to the plant bases. However, it is more effective for more extensive lands comparatively. Besides, this option is an excellent choice for crop and flower plants. Both bubbler and drip sprinkler systems should be placed in their respective area and not connected to the same irrigation setup that runs rotary or spray-heads. Some plants will be overwatered and some underwatered if everything is in the same zone due to different water applications. You can use sprinkler heads to water several plants, provided that they are installed in separate areas. Drip or soaker systems are twice as efficient at spraying water as rotary sprinkler heads. However, the water flow is to be controlled to prevent over-or underwatering.

Smart irrigation system

If you use a mixture of sprinkler heads, an innovative irrigation system can effectively separate your land into different watering spots. This intelligent system programs each zone to receive water at specific times. The time and duration for watering vary according to each plant group's needs. With the help of Evapotranspiration, a smart irrigation controller or system creates precise schedules to keep your land healthy with the least amount of water.

A well-planned sprinkler system will give you a healthy and vibrant landscape by matching the sprinkler heads with different plant groups. This will also help you lower down the water use and water waste.

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